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IPAGE 22I's written

coverage of the


National Sports 

Collectors Convention

Cleveland Ohio 

July 29th - August 2nd





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ReserveFBBanner.JPG (60200 bytes)Next we come to the booth of Michael J. Mckee of Pittsburgh PA. Michael was big on football. Good to see a dealer focus on that rich area. First up in Michael's booth was a large 57" wide x 22" tall, c1930 green felt banner with a football kicker on the right, the name "RESERVE" across the middle, and the football in the air at top right corner, rare for one of these banners to have such graphics. Case Western Reserve University is in Cleveland Ohio, $500.00


PiecesUpright.JPG (76583 bytes)Next up was a 1953 football table game called Scrimmage made by Big Times Game Company in El Paso Texas. Quite a rare game and big, only example I've seen, die cut players were 6" to 9" tall, box dimensions were 25" x 20 1/2", $600.00

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GreenBay4Posters.JPG (82256 bytes)Next up were four large 45" tall x 26 1/2" wide calendars promoting the green bay packers, one for 1953, 1956, 1961 missing calendar, and the other undated also missing the calendar, $500.00 each

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JohhnyPhilpMorris.JPG (83747 bytes)Next up was a c1940 advertising poster for Phillip Morris Cigarettes featuring an illustration of a football game with a player putting a pack of Phillip Morris' over the end zone line along with their famous "Johnny" as referee giving the touchdown signal, 29" tall x 21" wide, $600.00


PhotoStripedJersy.JPG (54148 bytes)Next up was a c1890 photo of a football team wearing classic striped jerseys, some players had the letter "SM" on their chest, 21 1/2" wide x 17" tall, $300.00


DiMaggioDodgeBklt.JPG (77372 bytes)Next up was a very neat 13" wide x 11" tall 1938 Dodge sales brochure featuring Joe DiMaggio running to base, with ad copy "DODGE BATS HIGHEST WITH ME" -Joe DiMaggio...coupled with "Read Joe DiMaggio's story of how he learned to bat - inside", all that for $75.00...should have gotten it, bargain of the show!

FBHOFCover.JPG (66803 bytes)Next was a  Sept 6, 1963 dedication ceremony  program for the Professional Football Hall of Fame. The cover featured a photo of the building and a huge superimposed overlay photo of Jim Thorpe. Was printed on newspaper stock and would have to be very rare, 15" tall x 12" wide, $35.00


FBToyShonut.JPG (75857 bytes)Next was a  c1930 wooden football player toy, featuring moveable limbs. I believe it may have been made by the Schoenhut Company, poor condition, 8" tall, $100.00













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