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IPAGE 9I's written

coverage of the


National Sports 

Collectors Convention

Cleveland Ohio 

July 29th - August 2nd





RuthMemorialPin.JPG (46764 bytes)Next was a 1948 Babe Ruth memorial pin featuring a photo of the Babe, with a red white and blue ribbon and miniature ball and bat, 3 3/4" tall including ribbon, $525.00



RuthAutoPh.JPG (46726 bytes)Next was an unusual Babe Ruth autographed photo of himself from the neck up, taken from an unusual angle, looking up at his face from his right, 10" wide x 8" tall, $7,000.00


full.jpg (42981 bytes)Last up in the Hunt booth was a Wright and Ditson baseball trophy cup which featured a copper medallion on the front with a relief of a poised batter. Along with "Wright and Ditson Trophy" title, it was engraved "H.L. & B.W. Smith - Agents - Jacksonville" who were likely the sponsor, but otherwise it appeared to have been  unawarded, 19 3/4" tall, $575.00


10 1/4" tall c1868 

Baseball Striker 

by Nicholas Muller

Seen in the Hunt Auctions booth, 

reserved for forthcoming auction

pict4574.jpg (69733 bytes)
pict4573.jpg (72714 bytes) pict4577.jpg (62477 bytes)
pict4575.jpg (71158 bytes) pict4576.jpg (73116 bytes)


As I was in the Hunt booth I saw a c1868 Muller baseball Striker (batter) statue. I inquired to David Hunt the price, David said it wasn't for sale but would be in an upcoming auction and that he'd just gotten it. They're so rare and important I took a bunch of photos of it. I asked David if he would be getting the pitcher and he wasn't sure but it sounded possible. 


Six Examples Of 

Babe Ruth Signed Baseballs

Photographed in Hunt Auctions Booth

RuthBall1.JPG (42204 bytes) RuthBall2.JPG (44546 bytes) RuthBall3.JPG (46464 bytes)
RuthBall4.JPG (48486 bytes) RuthBall5.JPG (49235 bytes) RuthBall6.JPG (48531 bytes)


Also, there were about six signed Ruth balls in one of the cabinets. Not being an autograph collector, I didn't take the time to record the details, but I figured since many readers will likely be interested in them I photographed each individually. 


There was another outstanding trophy in the Hunt booth that sold before I recorded it, which I later learned Ryan Sims bought. You can see it in a booth shot circled in red here, and later in Ryan's possession below.


YaleBBTeamPH35x26.JPG (75970 bytes)

Ryan Sims of Anaheim Hills 

Calif. with some of his National finds











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