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IPAGE 18I's written

coverage of the


National Sports 

Collectors Convention

Cleveland Ohio 

July 29th - August 2nd





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right John Kanuit

left Ryan Sims

with purchase

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And now we come to it...the booth you've all been waiting for, that of the National's fair haired child John Kanuit who always has the best booth of the show. John was sharing the booth with one of his peers of his same caliber, Matt Damon look alike John Orban from Cleveland heights Ohio. Kanuit appeared to be having a good show, said sales were brisk on Friday. The lions share of items in the booth appeared to be Kanuit's. I'll try to get the attributions correct but it may get fuzzy. Orban's items will be designated, all others are Kanuit's


ChicagoFBPillow.JPG (77159 bytes)First up in the Kanutinator's booth was this c1900 felt pillow featuring a Chicago football player in a union suit in running full stride with a ball tucked under his arm, very good condition, 18" x 18", $650.00

09NatAftNet54 145.JPG (74968 bytes)Next up was an 1898 hardbound Harvard vs. Univ. Pennsylvania football game program, 11" wide x 7 1/2" tall, $750.00

09NatAftNet54 146.JPG (35333 bytes) 09NatAftNet54 147.JPG (45486 bytes) 09NatAftNet54 148.JPG (42793 bytes)
09NatAftNet54 149.JPG (45791 bytes) 09NatAftNet54 150.JPG (50450 bytes)


LeathRusherPillow.JPG (60695 bytes)Next was a c1900 folk art type "leather rusher" football pillow, 18 3/4" x 20", $600.00 , offered by Orban

FBCardHolder.JPG (54373 bytes)Next up was a bronze figural football player card holder, It appeared c1920 but John advised it was a  contemporary casting, 4 3/8" tall, $475.00


PetersShoesFBH.JPG (74482 bytes)Next was a rare c1930 black leather football helmet by an obscure maker "Peter's Shoes" very nice condition, $675.00

BrnSpaldFBHelm.JPG (77459 bytes)Next up was a classic c1930 Spalding leather football helmet, had chin strap, $950.00.


7_1_2InBaskTrFull.JPG (107089 bytes)Next up was a small 7 1/2" tall c1930 basketball trophy featuring two players facing off for the ball, first example I've seen, made by Reh-Craft of Chicago, $85.00



SalzerBBClose.JPG (64177 bytes)Next up was a large c1900, 19 3/4" wide x 17 1/2" framed, Salzer Lumber baseball team photo , $675.00


SalzerFull.JPG (76473 bytes) SalzerBBBats.JPG (59592 bytes)


StanfordFBPh.JPG (65016 bytes)Next up was a classic c1915 Stanford football team photo, "S" on jerseys gets no bigger, $550.00


1904YHFBProg.JPG (69834 bytes)Next up was a 1904 Yale vs. Harvard football program, 12 1/2" tall x 9 3/4" wide, $400.00




YH05RowProgCov.JPG (63518 bytes)Next up was a 1905 Yale vs. Harvard rowing regatta program, 12" tall x 10" wide, $175.00

09NatAftNet54 177.JPG (67682 bytes) 09NatAftNet54 178.JPG (47625 bytes) 09NatAftNet54 179.JPG (51502 bytes)
09NatAftNet54 180.JPG (60896 bytes) 09NatAftNet54 181.JPG (45138 bytes) 09NatAftNet54 182.JPG (50220 bytes)


PabstFBSign.JPG (74028 bytes)Next was a c1960's advertising sign for Pabst Blue Ribbon beer featuring an illustration of a pre helmet football players lined up in the "flying wedge" formation, 26" wide x 23" tall, $125.00










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