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IPAGE 20I's written

coverage of the


National Sports 

Collectors Convention

Cleveland Ohio 

July 29th - August 2nd





PeoplesRegFull.JPG (71955 bytes)Next up in the Orban/Kanutinator booth was this c1911 copper loving cup rowing trophy

made by Caldwell of Philadelphia. It was engraved "People's Regatta - Philadelphia - July 4th 1911 - Four Oared Shell - Won by". No winner was engraved. On front of it's black wood base It had a openwork relief ornament of a single sculler inside a wreath, 16 1/2" tall, $425.00

PeoplesRegEngravClose.JPG (48262 bytes) PeoplesRegPlate.JPG (77461 bytes) PeoplesRegMaker.JPG (58185 bytes)


PachFBPh_L.JPG (61684 bytes)Next up was a large 16 3/4" wide x 10 3/4" tall c1890's football team photo by Pach Bro. The only clue as to what school was represented was the "L" on the jerseys, a classic example of an essentially generic photo of the period, $325.00


09NatAftNet54 237.JPG (66287 bytes)Next up was another generic football team photo except this one was exceptional from an equipment aspect. It appeared to be c1900 and had good size 12" wide x 10" tall framed, but the clincher was a rare view of what John Gennantonio told me was a pneumatic football helmet in the bottom right corner, and the one to the left to it is probably a pneumatic as well. The kid  wearing the Union soldier cap at top left also has it going on. It was one of the tons of generic antique football team photos that stood out from the pack...and that I probably should have bought for the $175.00 Kanuit was asking. John Gennantonio called Kanuit after the National to see if he sold it, but Kanuit said he couldn't recall it.

09NatAftNet54 234.JPG (61380 bytes) 09NatAftNet54 227.JPG (67028 bytes)
09NatAftNet54 229.JPG (61785 bytes) 09NatAftNet54 228.JPG (45810 bytes) 09NatAftNet54 230.JPG (66704 bytes)


fbteam_c.jpg (51668 bytes)Next up was yet another generic football team photo, this one c1890, all players have on union suits with a "C" on the chest, which gives little to go on for identifying it. 10 1/2" wide x 16" tall, $275.00


CarlislePenn.JPG (61950 bytes)Next up was a Carlisle pennant with a Native American illustrated, Carlisle was in old English letters but looked late 1940's or 1950's, 32" wide, $175.00....good for a beginner pennant collector.


LincolnChampPen.JPG (62691 bytes)Next up was a purple pennant that said Lincoln Champions 1915 with crossed bats and a ball illustrated in yellow, 32" wide, $150.00


BasketTr14_1_2.JPG (54300 bytes)Next up was a c1930 14 1/2" tall basketball trophy that I believe was not engraved, and had figures on top of two players facing off for the ball, $175.00..another good beginner piece



GreenRiverPost.JPG (76416 bytes)Next up was a memorable framed c1930's  advertising sign for Green River Whiskey. It was big and the graphics grand, but generic nevertheless. The poster was illustrated with a baseball player next to an oversized bottle of Green River Whiskey taller than him. He had his gloved hand on the bottle with a baseball 

in the other. A big red spot to his lower left stated "NOW AT THE LOWEST PRICES SINCE REPEAL" Across the top of the sign was the copy "AMERICA HAILS THE CHAMPIONS OF ALL TIME"...The stadium had nine flags flying across the top which lent a majestic touch. 40 1/2" tall x 28" wide, framed, $1,800.00. This didn't appear in Kanuit's booth till day two, and I zeroed right in on it as I approached the booth. Even Kanuit acknowledged to the effect my radar was working good. This was one piece at the show that had my full attention and I pondered buying it seriously. Finally I got over it and walked.


GoldenGLovesPla.JPG (62350 bytes)Last up in the Kanuit/Orban booth was another piece that had me seriously pondering buying it. A dated 1931 Golden Gloves trophy plaque, cast in  white metal and big, that had two boxers in low relief going at it, 17 3/4" wide x 14" tall, $450.00. Really my kind of piece, but for some reason I just couldn't get behind it. Maybe if it would have had the original wood backing...but it still looks good. Belonged to Orban.











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