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IPAGE 24I's written

coverage of the


National Sports 

Collectors Convention

Cleveland Ohio 

July 29th - August 2nd





WilsonFBGoodsSign.JPG (82121 bytes)Next up was the booth of Gary Polwart from Worden Illinois. First up in Gary's booth was a very nice c1930 die cut standup counter sign for Wilson football equipment, 22 1/4" wide x 18 1/2" tall, $600.00


NeckCoverClose.JPG (82658 bytes)Next up was a 1922 table top horserace board game called Neck and Neck made by the Wolverine Supply and Manufacturing Company. The game was somewhat elaborate in that it had a fold out race track with plastic horses, priced at a whopping $35.00

NeckFullClose.JPG (76717 bytes) NeckTrackClose.JPG (76357 bytes) NeckFullDistance.JPG (75273 bytes)


MusialGloveBox.JPG (63316 bytes)Next up was a c1960 box only, for a Stan Musial baseball glove, had a photo of Musial in his Cardinals uniform on it, nice condition except for the $11.95 price in black, 8 1/2" wide x  6 1/2" tall x 8 1/4" deep, $525.00



HonusWagnerFB&Box.JPG (73156 bytes)Last up in Greg's booth was this c1920 card stock box for a Honus Wagner Sporting Goods brand football. Came with the a used ball stuffed with rags, 13" deep x 6 1/4" wide x 2 3/4" tall, $750.00



Next we come to the, last but good, booth of Mark Lodoliski of Johns Town PA. ClevePenn.JPG (299635 bytes)John had thee icon pennant of the show...quite a great one. CLEVELAND was spelled out all the way across, and each letter had a head shot of an American Indian illustrated in or by it, so nine total Indians for each of the nine letters. The first one had on a war bonnet, presumably the chief. It was marked "Copyright T.E. Wanstall 1916", 36" wide $2,000.00. I told my friend Herman Kaufman about it. Herman asked who had it and I said Mark Lodoliski. Turned out Herman knew him and ended up buying it the next day.


YankeesScarf.JPG (89097 bytes)Next up was a large 31" x 31", guesstimate c1950, silk type scarf emblazoned with a colorful cavalcade of baseball graphics, which included a large illustration of a Yankees pennant displayed corner to corner. Also in one corner was a large illustration of Yankee Stadium. I speculate it was sold as a souvenir at Yankee Stadium, although it is the first example I've seen, $250.00


PiratesIronCity.JPG (95657 bytes)Next up was a c1960 advertising sign for Iron City Beer which featured a color team photo of the Pittsburgh Pirates, 33" wide x 17" tall, $500.00. I believe Mark said it was his favorite piece, at least I wrote that on my notes


32YankeesPrint.JPG (103261 bytes)Next up in Mark's booth was an interesting large 22" wide x 19" tall framed black and white print of the 1932 Yankees that had twenty five small oval portraits of players. In the center was the wording "1932 NEW YORK YANKEES - AMERICAN LEAGUE CHAMPIONS", all with a photo of Yankee Stadium in the background, $400.00. The frame was ravaged like it had been stored on the floor in a garage many years, but the print was still in nice shape. Never seen it before.


RoogiesBump.JPG (77466 bytes)Next up was a c1960's Roogie's Bump movie poster, 34 1/2" wide x 28" tall, $350.00



RogerMarisGame.JPG (58985 bytes)Next up was a c1960's Roger Maris baseball board game that featured a head shot photo of a remarkably youthful Maris, 18 3/4" wide x 13 1/2" tall, $275.00


JosephWoodShoes.JPG (43487 bytes)Last full feature in Mark's booth was this pair of  Joseph L. Wood baseball shoes in the original box. $75.00


Here was fatigue...DetroitTigersPenn.JPG (59346 bytes)I shot these pieces below, I believe in Mark's booth and somehow forgot to record details...but I'll include the shots anyway...since you wouldn't want to miss anything!

NotreDameDCBk.JPG (62542 bytes) NotreDameDC.JPG (84218 bytes) UMichFeltPen.JPG (64927 bytes)


As we start to wrap this up I'll mention the things I bought for myself. I got a total of five items. My first pick up was the 1880's Spalding ring bat I got during my pre-con trip at the Antiquefest in Syracuse, paid $10.00. Next I got a very cool porcelain dinner plate with an insignia of the Heisman Trophy, which I believe came from a Heisman trophy dinner banquet. Got at the Medina Antiques Mall there near Cleveland, paid $80.00. Next was my first purchase at the National from Darrell O'Mary, a very cool 11" tall 1908 trophy cup that has ring bats for handles, paid $300.00. Next was c1915 Harvard baseball cap from Darla Bernhardt, paid $300.00. Next I got a very rare football shaped ladies hand muff for $150.00, from Herbert Thomas the third. and Last was a late, make that very late purchase. I was in the process of writing this story when I came across a photo of a Harvard Cigars box with a label depicting the Harvard 8-man crew team. I ended up buying it just days ago as I write this, for $400.00 from John Liffmann. 



lid.jpg (81201 bytes)

Harvard rowing 

cigar box. 16" wide

FBMuffLeft.JPG (654001 bytes)

Ladies Victorian 

football hand muff

pict4693.jpg (693461 bytes)

c1915 Harvard baseball cap

BBTrophRingBatHand.JPG (829909 bytes)

1908 baseball trophy cup

1hfront.jpg (22316 bytes)

Heisman banquet dinner plate

sideways.jpg (62210 bytes)

c1880 Spalding ring bat


And for the finale'.... 

As a special bonus to this years National story I'm including photos of the collection of Bob Mayer from New York state. I took the photos during the pre-con road trip part of this story. Bob is one of those low profile quite collectors I'd never heard of until he emailed me via my website about four years ago. We started conversing and exchanged photos of our collections. I had written a story on the Muller clock which included a brief address of another rare baseball clock once owned by Barry Halper. I called it the Ward Ewing Clock, named for 1880's baseball players John Ward and Buck Ewing. Though others have since surfaced, I stated In the story there was only one known. As it turned out, Bob had acquired it. It was then I began to understand Bob's collecting prowess. I'm sure you'll enjoy the seven pages of photos of his collection linked below.


I Hope you enjoyed reading this years National story.  See you at the 2010 National in Baltimore Lord willing. -Carlton



pict4153.jpg (58902 bytes)


Bob Mayer


click here for 80 photos 


pict4248.jpg (82859 bytes) pict4306.jpg (82345 bytes)
pict4136.jpg (79980 bytes) pict4308.jpg (80193 bytes) pict4292.jpg (51582 bytes)
pict4164.jpg (64772 bytes) pict4165.jpg (69396 bytes)














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