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IPAGE 17I's written

coverage of the


National Sports 

Collectors Convention

Cleveland Ohio 

July 29th - August 2nd





BoothDarrel.JPG (75905 bytes)


BobbyJonesAshtray.JPG (63146 bytes)Next we come to the booth of Darrell O'Mary from Marietta Georgia. First up in Darrell's booth was a c1930 ashtray with a statue of Bobby Jones. very rare, first example I've seen. I think I've seen the same figure on bookends, 8 3/4" tall x 4" deep x 6 1/2" wide, $1,250.00


BoyCaddyCigBx.JPG (79205 bytes)Next up was a 1930's white metal cigarettes holder with a figure of a boy caddy, 6 1/2" tall x 5 1/2" deep x 4 7/8" wide, $500.00






BowlTroph1894Lft.JPG (63108 bytes)Next was an exceptional  1894 bowling trophy featuring a small figure of a bowler on top, 14 3/4" tall, $1,250.00




BaskTroph1926Front.JPG (59869 bytes)Next up was a very nice basketball trophy featuring a full sized basketball on top a pedestal, which sat on a bold wood base. I couldn't get a handle on who won it, it was engraved on the ball "Winner Bluefield Institute Basketball Tournament 1926". However the plate on the wood base was engraved "Court of Neptune Pageant  Milwaukee 1926 U.S. Naval Reserve Cutter Race Won By USS Dubuque"...go figure, Had some tarnish pitting, 16 1/2" tall, $850


BBTrophRingBatHand.JPG (829909 bytes)Next was I believe one of the best trophies at the show so much so I bought it myself. First off was the quality of the engraving, you rarely see such elaborate style of engraving except on presentation silver. It's other draw is the ring bat had me just on those if nothing else. It is engraved "To Mr. and Mrs. John J. Smith By their Friends of the Goodyear Glove Co. Sept 12th 1908", 11" tall, $300.00

TedLyonsStuff.JPG (67733 bytes)Next up in Darrell's booth was an ensemble of personal effects of Ted Lyons 1900-1986. Darrell said Ted Lyons was the best pitcher the white sox ever had. He played for them from 1923-1946. The ensemble included at least the following items, brief case, transistor radio, cane, wallet, White Sox jacket, wire photo of him wearing White Sox jacket, blanket, season pass, 1935 MVP trophy given by team, White Sox team signed 1940 bat, 34 diamond star signed baseball, Memento Book of Letters given to him on Ted Lyons day, and a blanket, $25,000.00


BowlingInkwell.JPG (84919 bytes)Next up was a c1900 bowling themed inkwell, cast in white metal, pretty elaborate,  topped with a statue of a bowler, had very archaic pins and was very Austrian looking, 8 3/4" tall, $600.00




UmpireShoeRight.JPG (70375 bytes)

umpire shoe right side

UmpireShoeLeft.JPG (78697 bytes)

umpire shoe left side

Next up was a shoe that was out there. Darrell said it was an umpire shoe...had British written all over it, So unusual I'm including it in the story, $600.00


BBGasLamp.JPG (33071 bytes)Next up was a c1870 gas lamp with a figure of a batter with an "H" on his chest, 8 3/4" tall, $650.00









Next up was a set of advertising displays for the Sinclair Oil Company that promoted a Babe Ruth radio contest.

SinclairSign.JPG (62496 bytes)

7 foot wide banner for Sinclair Oil Babe Ruth radio contest

SinclairDinos.JPG (51822 bytes)

13 1/2" tall Sinclair Oil dinosaur advertising figures

I'm not sure how the contest was played but presumably it had to do with the number of home runs. The  featured display was a 7 foot wide framed cloth banner  which announced the contest. Darrel also included two 13 1/2" tall wood advertising figures of dinosaurs I believe  promoted Sinclair Oil, $7,500.00

BDodgers1904Ph.JPG (69328 bytes)Next up was a 1909 Brooklyn Dodgers team photo, $5,000.00



MontrealRoyalCap.JPG (62452 bytes)Next up was an unattributed  c1940 Montreal Royals baseball cap, who were the triple A team of the Brooklyn/Los Angeles  Dodgers from 1939-1960, $600.00


YaleBBTeamPH35x26.JPG (75970 bytes)Next up was an outstanding photo of an early Yale baseball team, bought by Ryan Sims seen here with it, $600.00


WrigFieldPano1944.JPG (80100 bytes)Last up in Darrell's booth was an exceptional  1944 Wrigley Field panoramic photo taken from the stands, 30" wide x 12" tall, $2,000.00











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