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IPAGE 16I's written

coverage of the


National Sports 

Collectors Convention

Cleveland Ohio 

July 29th - August 2nd





RockneBendsFrnt.JPG (55144 bytes)Next we come to the booth of Kirk Kovacs of Kovacs Sports from Curtis Ohio. Kirk and Bryan Dec were sharing a booth. First up in Kirk's booth was a pair of c1930 Knute Rockne bust bookends, 7" tall x 6 1/2" wide, $100.00


CocaColaBBCalendar.JPG (50933 bytes)Next up was a 1922 Coca Cola calendar with an illustration of a young lady watching a baseball game in the distance, 30" tall x 11" wide, $2,500.00












ClarenceBrooks.JPG (88970 bytes)Next was an 1881 advertising calendar for Clarence Brooks & Co. varnish featuring a period caricature of African Americans playing baseball, 6 1/4" tall x 4 3/4" wide, $125.00




searscat.jpg (82137 bytes)Next up was an exceptional 1912 Sears baseball uniform catalog, 7 1/2" tall x 5 1/4" wide, $475.00


reachcat.jpg (82992 bytes)Next was another baseball goods catalog, this one 1912 by A.J. Reach with a nice illustration of a batter at the plate, 7" tall x 5" wide, $575.00


1871MutAtlanfrnt.JPG (69150 bytes)Last up in Kirk's booth was an 1871 scorecard for a baseball game between the New York Mutuals and Philadelphia Athletics, back was scored, 7 1/4" tall x 4 1/4" wide, $1,600.00







Detroit1909Full.JPG (54745 bytes)Next we come to the booth of Bryan Dec Vintage Sports from Lake Nepessing, MI. First up in Bryan's booth was a 1909 American League Champions team photo of the Detroit Base-Ball Club. The players were in suit and tie and the names of the players were inscribed across the bottom, 19" wide x 14" tall, $5,000.00

halasph.jpg (58953 bytes)Next up was a vintage photo of renown Chicago football coach George Halas as an undergraduate wearing a University of Illinois baseball uniform, 17 1/4" tall x 9 1/4" wide, $1,200.00


1929PhilAsWSLamp.JPG (49292 bytes)Next up was a very unusual, very cool, and very rare, table lamp that commemorates the Philadelphia Athletics winning the 1929 World Series over the Chicago Cubs. The lamp had a base made up of three elephants holding up a round ball inscribed "Philadelphia Athletics - 1929 - World Series", which had a baseball on top. One of the coolest World Series pieces I've seen. I wonder what the story behind it is as far as who made it, where it was sold, if it's one of a kind, and if so who it was made for. 8" tall, $1,500.00




1889NYGiantsPh.JPG (63465 bytes)Next up was an exceptional 1888 N.Y. Giants team portrait, all in suit and tie, 25" wide x 20" tall, not for sale, but scheduled for an upcoming auction


golftoy.jpg (58357 bytes)Next up was a c1930's tin litho "Jocko the Golfer" toy, looked faded but antique sports toys are scarce, 6 1/2" tall, $450.00






1917WrightDitTrFull.JPG (74850 bytes)Next up was a 1917 Wright and Ditson baseball championship trophy cup awarded to "Central District A.L., had a nice relief plaque on the front of a batter. Hunt had another example of the same trophy but not as nice condition, 19 1/2" tall, $600.00




RedSoxRazor.JPG (67715 bytes)Last up in Bryan's booth was vintage straight razor with the original box and had "Red Sox" inscribed on the red plastic handle, $450.00


RuthGameFull.JPG (79613 bytes)
RuthPrint.JPG (71314 bytes)

Here's fatigue setting in...I know these two Ruth items were in the Dec/Kovacs booth, but didn't record who's they were or the details, just got photos.






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