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May 12th 2012





Lot 5

c1912 Mint Condition

Ty Cobb Pocket Tobacco Tin

Finest known example

Reserve $40,000.00

The Tye Cobb would likely be considered the king of sports

 tins, and this is likely the finest example you'll ever see -Carlton's Number 1 Pick 


10 Bids

CLOSING BID $75,000.00


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 's Number 2 Pick 
2_975_1869RStockPhoto.jpg (164386 bytes)

Lot 975

1868 Cincinnati Red Stockings 

22 1/2" x 18 1/2" Imperial Size Photo

Reserve $5.000

21 Bids

CLOSING BID $20,000.00

The 1869 Red Stockings from Cincinnati were the first professional baseball team and in that sense the most historical. The REA catalog description states "This is one of the most impressive nineteenth-century baseball photographs (or display piece of any kind) we have ever seen, let alone handled" . That is quite a statement coming from them (Rob Lifson), and I would concur. The size combined with the team and year put it way over the exotic line to the point of a national treasure.



 's Number 3 Pick 

3_1001_1916RedSoxPennant.jpg (77615 bytes)

Lot 1001

Never Before Seen! 

 1916 Boston Red Sox Pennant

Reserve $1,000.00

24 Bids

CLOSING BID $5,500.00

There was a very similar 1915 Red Sox pennant at the 2008 National in Rosemont Illinois 

in the booth of that had everyone talking, see it here, and on this page -Carlton



 's Number 4 Pick 

4_1176_ElephantsFBPost.jpg (103488 bytes)

Lot 1176

1918 Barnum & Bailey Circus Poster 

Elephants Playing Football!

Reserve $1,000.00

23 Bids

CLOSING BID $5,00.00

 Wow what a poster! It's one of those pieces that 

keeps the hobby fun because you've never seen it before! -Carlton


 's Number 5 Pick 

5_963AlexCartwrightPainting.jpg (169475 bytes)

Lot 963

Circa 1888 Alexander Cartwright Oil Portrait 

By Charles Furneaux 

With Cartwright Family Provenance

"The Father of Baseball" 
Only known painting of Alexander Cartwright

Reserve $20,000.00

0 Bids


Incredible...a piece for the  highly advanced baseball 

collector. This reaches in an touches the core of baseball!




Honorable Mentions

974lemon.jpg (180209 bytes)

970TwoToneLemon.jpg (185020 bytes)

973_BeltBall.jpg (140140 bytes)

Lot 974 - c1850 

Lemon Peel Baseball

19 Bids

FINAL BID $2,750.00

Lot 970 - c1850 Two Tone

Lemon Peel Baseball

10 Bids

FINAL BID $1,000.00

Lot 973 - c1850 

Belt Style Baseball

21 Bids

FINAL BID $3,250.00



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