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Carlton's Road trip to the 


July 9th- 11th 2010


The following day was Sunday and the plan was to leave for home first thing in the morning, and same as on the way up, stop along the way at antiques stores. However, my "first thing in the morning" departure PICT7898_1600x1200.jpg (103024 bytes)never got off the ground. By the time I got my car packed it was almost 1:00PM. The Yale Fence print wouldn't fit in the trunk, so the only way to bring it with me was to strategically maneuver the 42" by 29" piece of real estate in the back seat....which meant keeping the convertible top up all the way home to keep it from damage or flying out. Normally I don't like being ruled by this stuff, but necessity took over. 


PICT7899_1600x1200.jpg (141705 bytes) PICT7906_1600x1200.jpg (114562 bytes) PICT7908_1600x1200.jpg (101428 bytes)
Heading out of Portland


About 25 miles south of Portland on Highway 5, I saw a sign advertising ANTIQUES in the town of Aurora....I knew nothing PICT7940_1600x1200.jpg (126204 bytes) about the town, but figured I'd go see what I could see. It was about a five mile jaunt in, but once there the antiques stores were easy to find. Turned out to be worth the trip; there were about eight stores...pretty good ones overall. I didn't make any finds but again it was during the Expo. One store owner told me Aurora had long been good antiquing. I'll be stopping there from now on.


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PICT7937_1600x1200.jpg (159882 bytes)

PICT7938_1600x1200.jpg (198700 bytes)

PICT7939_1600x1200.jpg (194943 bytes)



The next antiquing stops were the towns of Coburg and nearby Springfield and Eugene. Using my GPS I located the Coburg Antique mall in Coburg. It was about 4:30PM and I knew the antiques stores would be closing about five. I jammed thru the Coburg mall, and got some quick advise on what stores to hit next. The lady there graciously gave me the names of two, The Oregon Antiques Mall in Eugene and the Glory Days Antique Mall in Springfield. Being helpful she asked what I collected to try to guide me to the best one....sports antiques I said....well she said....Glory Days in Springfield would probably be your best bet....the Oregon Antiques Mall has more furniture. OK I said. I called both malls and the Glory Days Mall closed at 5:00 and the Oregon Antiques Mall closed at 6:00...perfect I thought....I'll wing'um both and that'll be it for the day....and tore off for Glory Days.


I made it across Springfield, screeched to a stop, ran in and saw the whole Glory Days Mall in probably under 4 minutes. They were closing and I was in a hurry so worked out for everyone...Hopped back in my car and tore off for the Oregon Antiques Mall....last stop of the day......I made it across Eugene and pulled OrAntiqueMall.jpg (267746 bytes) up in front of the Oregon Antiques Mall....pretty nondescript...looked almost like a thrift store....Now remember Oregon was in a heat wave was late Sunday afternoon about 5:30 and I'd been going hard in 100 degree heat all day.....actually, since early Friday morning and I was about out of gas...I'm seeing nothing if I go in, but I'm bound by the sports antiques constitution to turn over every least a quick run thru and that's it for the day...It's hot, I'm tired and I know I'm not going find anything....but it's an antiques store so I must obey, I must go in...


PICT7951_1600x1200.jpg (199316 bytes) PICT7952_1600x1200.jpg (147670 bytes)
c1910 dog ear football helmet - as found in store


Two ladies were there yakking....Hello how are you? Fine how ya doing....yada yada....can we help you find just browsing....I had just enough energy to be I'm cruising thru it...and it's pretty good size....I make it thru the right side and thru part of the back....and like the lady at Coburg Mall said, it was mostly I made my way around the store and was nearing the end....just a little more and I was more antiquing for the day...So I was coming from the front left of the store towards the back when I came to a display case with a lot of small eyes scan the case of knick-knacks....I look down and on the second shelf I see a c1910 leather dog ear football helmet surrounded by some pad locks, a small decorative thermometer , an apothecary mortar, and a soapstone carving of eyebrows go up and I try to focus....I look at the price tag...I was so fried it looked like $350.00...I'm thinking, that's a pretty good price, I should probably get I ask one of the ladies if I could see it...she goes...oh just help yourself, you can go behind and pull it out....


SCHMEIZER.jpg (140410 bytes)


So I get it out and it looks great. It wasn't a Spalding which is usually the most desirable, but it had the coolest maker's mark I've ever seen on a football helmet...The name SCHMELZER was on the front, inside a 1 1/2 inch by 1 inch embossed mellon football with the grip laces FBHelmetPrice.jpg (18786 bytes)at the top. The PICT7956_1600x1200.jpg (170412 bytes)leather was a little faded but remarkably soft and pliable. It had all the original padding and even the chinstrap; two important aspects that effect value .....then I looked at the price was $35.00 not $350.00!!!!...The lady goes....well what do you think?...With raised eyebrows and a poker face I go..."uh...I'll take it". Rarely do I pay asking price without haggling....So I go to pay and the lady at the cash register says....Oh, I think we're having a 10% off sale....and the other lady goes....Oh no Edith, or what ever her name's 15%....Now I'm really trying to hold it in....Oh that's nice I said calmly....So with the 15% off it came to $29.75.....and no sales tax in Oregon!


FBHelmReceipt_870x1200.jpg (67431 bytes)


Oh man, I'm so jacked up...I take off and get a few blocks away and have to stop the car and get it out to look at it again....I'm having a one man party on some street in Eugene Oregon!!! I don't know what to I text John Gennantonio in Cincinnati .....SCORED A DOG EAR FOR $29.00!!!!....within minutes, SEND PHOTOS he replied... Gennantonio told me later it was a $1,000.00 to $1,500.00 helmet...which was even more than I thought....I was thinking like $600.00- $800.00!!!! 


Later after looking into the Schmelzer company I learned the Schmelzer Arms Company was a very large and varied sporting goods company out of Kansas City Kansas. It's founder John F.  Schmelzer came from Oldenburg Germany in 1844 and settled in Hartford Connecticut. There he was associated with the Colt's Manufacturing Company. In 1857 he started the Schmelzer Arms Company in Leavenworth Kansas. In the 1880's his son Charles Schmelzer traveled the west by wagon selling firearms and ammunition. By 1930 the company filed for bankruptcy. George Lowe, later head of the Lowe & Campbell sporting goods concern, was athletic buyer for Schmelzer in the company's prime.


PICT7955_1600x1200.jpg (176490 bytes) PICT7954_1600x1200.jpg (155554 bytes)
PICT7956_1600x1200.jpg (170412 bytes) PICT7957_1600x1200.jpg (143814 bytes) PICT7958_1600x1200.jpg (200489 bytes)




Before leaving the store I asked the ladies if they knew any history on it....It was a walk in...they said someone, a young man I think she said, had brought it in. I speculate, if they had $35.00 on it, they probably bought it from the guy for $15.00....phew!...And I can only imagine where he got it...probably some garage sale there in Eugene for five or ten dollars. Who knows what team the player played on, that wore it in the day; but the University of Oregon is there in Eugene.



Right after that I hit another bulls eye....I was done for the day and ready for a good meal...When I'm on a trip I'm always on the lookout for a good indie restaurant (independently owned)...So I'm driving down some street in Eugene and I see a fifties retro looking PICT7963_1600x1200.jpg (124180 bytes)restaurant that looked very interesting...and most important it was I park and go in....I'm wild for diner food so it was the perfect place for me. The burger was a little rare but other than that everything was excellent especially the garlic fries and the chili! Whoever started that place had it together.


PICT7968_1600x1200.jpg (142120 bytes)
PICT7961_1600x1200.jpg (101203 bytes) PICT7959_900x1200.jpg (111220 bytes) PICT7960_1600x1200.jpg (149773 bytes)
PICT7966_1600x1200.jpg (132825 bytes) PICT7967_1600x1200.jpg (102259 bytes) PICT7965_1600x1200.jpg (101393 bytes)
PICT7964_1600x1200.jpg (140617 bytes) PICT7969_1600x1200.jpg (170906 bytes)


From there I continued my trek home....back out to Hwy. 5 south...Got to Medford and called it quits...PICT7986_1600x1200.jpg (104418 bytes)got a cheap $50.00 room for the night. The following morning I went to a large antique mall in Medford called Main Antique Mall. Pretty good mall, and big! But didn't find anything...And from there made it back home that night. Hope you enjoyed the trip!






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