oFAQ's - Frequently Asked Questionso


Q. Are you selling the things featured on this site?  

A. Just the items on the Free-Ads Page are for sale. Other than that, this site informs you where to go to buy sports display antiques. Some items discussed will be for sale or auction, but you would need to contact the principle directly.


Q. What is this site all about?  

A. This site is a free TIP (tutorial and information portal) meant to introduce you to sports display antiques, examine, and teach about them. It's an acquired taste, and this is the only place in the world you can learn about it on this scale.


Q. What are "sports display antiques"? Please define what they are.

A. Sports display antiques can be described as antique and vintage sports related items from 1850 to 1950 that display well. Examples would be statues, trophies, posters, advertising signs, equipment, uniforms, prints, paintings, silver,  etc. Like I say, bigger things that display well.


Q. Do you mean like cards, tickets, programs, and autographs?

A. Not really. Generally this site is not about mainstream sports memorabilia such as cards, tickets, programs and autographs. 


Q. What's the catch? How much does all this information you're providing cost?

A. No charge....it's free.


Q. O.K. but why collect this stuff? What's so great about it?

A. Well first of all, like I mentioned, it's an acquired taste. You don't just walk into it. Generally you have to be exposed to it, that is, be around it to begin understanding it, and liking it. This website is the ticket for that, because 99.9% of the general public have never seen this stuff, and never knew it existed until they came here. Why collect it? Well, to break it down a little, it's partly about decor...of your personal space, your home, your office...image projection. Speaking subjectively, it's the ultimate power decor! Then there's monetary reward. A lot of people have made a lot of money from this hobby. Then it's partly about the fun of collecting, i.e. the quest, searching them out, the travel, the research, the things you see, the people you meet, the friends you make,  It's an incredibly fun hobby, and it seems to never end.