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Four Page Written Account of the 

29th Annual 2008 

National Sports 

Collectors Convention


Carlton Hendricks


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Booth Of Rhys Yeakley

08NationaUneditedPhotos 416.JPG (879454 bytes) 08NationaUneditedPhotos 417.JPG (614605 bytes) 08NationaUneditedPhotos 412.JPG (638253 bytes)


Rhys Yeakley -

Next was the booth of Rhys Yeakley of from Washington State. First up in Rhy's booth was a very different c1909 basketball game trophy that really got my attention. It was half a real basketball mounted on a wood plaque backing that had the scores 23-13 painted on it, of a game between University of Indiana and University of Illinois. The date MARCH 6, 1909 was painted below the ball, 15" wide by 13" tall, $900.00. Had a lot of wear/cracks on the ball, but still neat. Next up was a full page newspaper supplement of the Cleveland Leader that featured signed portraits of the Cleveland baseball team (which Cleveland team I don't know), 30" tall by 24" wide, $600.00. Next was a small c1930 die cut advertising sign for Chesterfield cigarettes featuring a football player running with the ball, 13" wide by 12" tall, $100.00. Had a chunk missing out of it, but I have the large version, so had to buy it. Actually I have a trolley car sign with the same player as well. I got that trolley car sign for $40.00 a million years ago from Herman Kaufman who dismissed it for not being baseball. The art work always reminded me of an Italian painting.


Booth of Bill and Denise Fugate

BoxingGl&Bag.JPG (677737 bytes) Booth (7).JPG (678391 bytes) Booth (9).JPG (666075 bytes)

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Bill and Denise Fugate

Next was the booth of Bill and Denise Fugate from Dayton Ohio. Their booth was another of the fun ones with a lot of everything. First up was a c1930's-40's pair of youth size basketball shorts made of wool, and made by Lowe  and Campbell, $75.00. Next was a very worn but interesting c1900 porcelain transfer ware dinner plate featuring a photo of a baseball player with the name Gardenville on his jersey, 9 1/4" diameter, $95.00. Next was a c1960-70's Willie Moscone billiard ball, unopened in it's original packaging, didn't get price. 


KevinSitInBooth.JPG (657609 bytes)

Booth of Kevin Bronson

WolgastNelson.JPG (582933 bytes) JohnRogers.JPG (632856 bytes)
PanoramicsOnWall.JPG (764542 bytes) Wilson&IceCream.JPG (614037 bytes) caseshot.jpg (648971 bytes)
HugeBBGloveFar.JPG (671213 bytes) HugeBBPlayerStat (2).JPG (658757 bytes)


Kevin Bronson - 

Next was the booth of Kevin Bronson of from Holidaysburg, PA. Kevin is definitely in the circle of the great ones, understands the antique, and  always a strong contributor at the National. HugeBBPlayerStat (2).JPG (658757 bytes) First up in the Keveinator's booth was a large c1890, 21 3/4" tall plaster statue of a baseball player posed as though contemplating throwing a ball. There was a little bit of paint chipping/wear, and I think the cap bill may have been cracked with the repair showing. But no big deal, plaster is relatively easy to repair. I recalled the statue in the Hunt auction previous the National. I only recall seeing examples of  this statue maybe a couple times; this one or another example that is. It's an exceptional piece, but as I was examining it up close it got even better. I noticed he seems to have a fingerless glove on his right hand. You can see his fingernails in this photo, even though he has a glove on. To my knowledge this is the only period example of a fingerless glove represented in sculpture. 


Next was a c1891 John Rogers football group statue. These are always cast in plaster. Rogers did a ton of plaster statues of various themes in the late 19th century. He was essentially the Currier and Ives of sculpture of that period. The art snobs of his day argued his work wasn't art because it "told a story" which is suppose to be a no-no. As I recall something to the effect, Roger's son who rowed at Yale posed as one of the players for this football statue. It is one of the best, if not the best American football statue extant. Any 19th century American football statue is extremely rare. 


Next was a c1890's grouping of three photos from Worcester State College in Massachusetts, all framed together. Two were of baseball teams, the middle one may have been a baseball team but they were wearing suits, 45" wide by 13 3/4" tall, $450.00. Next was a very nice framed 1910 Red Sox panoramic team photo, all seated wearing suits, 32 3/4" wide by 16 3/4" tall, $2,500.00. Their names were written underneath in long hand.


Last up in Kevin's booth was a fight movie poster for the 1910 bout between World Lightweight Champion Battling Nelson 1882-1954 and Adolph "Ad" Wolgast 1888-1955, 44" tall by 30" wide, $1,500.00. WolgastNelson.JPG (582933 bytes) The match was held across the bay from San Francisco, in Richmond California. Nelson lost the fight and his title to Wolgast. After the fight, Nelson and Wolgast remained bitter enemies the rest of their lives. Oddly their wife's were good friends. Though Wolgast lived till he was 67 he spent half his life in and out of mental institutions. Below is an excerpt from the  written account of the fight that appeared in the New York Times.


Excerpt of Wolgast Nelson fight coverage

Published: February 23, 1910

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click here to read entire story

Published: February 23, 1910


Roger Burns - Four Star Cards

Next up was the booth of Roger Burns of Four Star Cards from Nassau, NY. Roger had a cool c1950's cardstock die cut of a basketball player...not sure what it was produced for, 14" tall, $75.00. Roger also had a table full of at least 15 of the Rittgers figures.


Darla Bernhardt - Lit'le Rascal's Relics

Next up was the booth of Darla Bernhardt of Lit'le Rascal's Relics from Cincinnati Ohio. First up in Darla's booth were six 3" tall porcelain figures of baseball players...very cool and rare. They were a little worn, but that didn't stop them. Four were of the same figure, holding a mitt over their chest...that left only three positions. Had there been two or three more positions I'd have probably got them myself, $100.00 for the set. 6Play&Bisq.JPG (693859 bytes)Next was another cool porcelain piece...this one of a little girl holding a baseball bat, c1890. Again worn but still had the look. It was trimmed in gold and brown, and interestingly she had a star on her chest. Appeared totally German or Austrian as these kinds of pieces usually are. I don't recall ever seeing this one before, 8" tall, $250.00.


Last in Darla's booth was a c1930's Lucky Curve tobacco tin featuring baseball graphics. LuckyCurveTin.JPG (634668 bytes) Among tin collectors this kind of tin is referred to as a "lunch box" style. As far as I know, this was the only baseball related vintage lunch box tin produced. These don't come up too often, but once in a while you'll see one in an auction. They're almost always a little dented, as this one was; the lid was dented in a little. Probably because they got used for storage on work benches and such. Between the graphics, size (7" wide by 4" tall by 4 1/2" deep) and the red orange color, they're striking, and a nice addition to any vintage sports collection, $800.00. 


John M. Goff - Friendly City Cards

Next up was the booth John M. Goff of Friendly City Cards, from Hobart Indiana. John had a rare, unusual, and striking c1900 panoramic post card featuring a view from the bleachers of the "American League White Sox New Ball Park" (back), 29" wide by 10 3/8" tall framed, $650.00


Booth of Wes Starkey, Floyd Virginia

Booth (3).JPG (682761 bytes) Booth (2).JPG (686182 bytes) WideTabl&Shelves.JPG (675744 bytes)


John A. Douglas - D & S Enterprises

Next up was the booth of John A. Douglas of D&S Enterprises from Lebanon Indiana. John had a c1915 piece of sheet music titled "Brother Noah Gave Out Checks For Rain". It featured racist style caricature illustration of black Americans playing baseball, $185.00.


Jerry Katz and Greg Ward - Mezzanine Sportscards

Next up was the booth of Jerry Katz and Greg Ward of Mezzanine Sportscards from Mayfield Heights Ohio. 08NationaUneditedPhotos 247.JPG (619110 bytes) Jerry had a c1960 47" tall fiberglass advertising statue of an early football player with "Antique Bourbon" across his chest, asking price $500.00. I think these were displayed in liquor stores. Although they aren't that old, they have a striking presence to them. They're sort of a throw back to the cigar store Indian of the 19th century. Antique Bourbon also produced a baseball player and a boxer in this same large format size. I have the boxer also, which I've been told is the rarest of the set. Kessler Whiskey produced these large sports statues as well, that were either identical of very similar. I have the Kessler baseball player. 


Since I had the Antique Bourbon boxer and the Kessler baseball player, I had considered getting the football player for a long time. I had seen some on eBay over the years but never got around to getting one. Where to display it, that is how to work it into my collection was always a question. I hardly had room for the two I already had.  I hemmed and hawed over getting this one for half a day. It had everything going for it, great condition and priced right, Jerry came down to $300.00. But the thought of having to deal with getting it back to California, in the middle of trying to cover the National put me off. Then came Mark Mcrae to the rescue. He drove to the National from California and only lives about an hour from me. Mark was kind enough to offer to take it back with him. That did it, I pulled the trigger, got it home, and managed to squeeze it into my collection; looks pretty good. Side note: Mark Mcrae the hero would not let me take his photo at the National...but I did snap one of him at his last sports collector show, seen in this Net54 thread. That's him fourth photo down hands in pockets, white shirt blue hat.


Bob Wetzel Senior and Junior - B&B Baseball Cards

Next up was the booth of Bob Wetzel Senior and Junior of B&B Baseball Cards from Maple Shade New Jersey. The Wetzel's had an interesting and puzzling relief plaque of a baseball player cast in aluminum. It represented the player as a bust, from the top his chest up. At 17 1/2" wide by 15 1/4" tall it was nearly life size. Bob Jr. told me they believed it was either Gil Hodges, or Napoleon Lajoie. It's art style seemed more in line with Lajoie's era, but being cast in aluminum was more consistent with Hodge's. Artistically, certain aspects were commendable; the detail of his ear, and tilt of his hat, but especially the outline of his face defined by shadows under the jaw line  and throughout the face. The most interesting aspect was his facial expression; completely uninhibited, and if watching a game from the dugout. Upon first glance his eyes seem a little oversized and amateurish. But the rest of his features are well done. Therefore the largeness of the eyes could have been intentional, following sculpture discipline mandating emphasis on the subjects most prominent features. Based on his facial expression, it's all about his eyes, he's looking out at the game. As for deciphering who it I mentioned, it's puzzling, $900.00. I've never seen the work before, it's very uncommon, and I'd say it's very good art. It's the kind of thing that could be glossed over at the National, then you might see it later in some museum among non sports art.


HankInBooth.JPG (587460 bytes)

Booth of Hank Reizes, Meza Arizona



LampsonALLAround.JPG (633785 bytes) track.jpg (682914 bytes) rower.jpg (665825 bytes)
football.jpg (623151 bytes)

FullHickey.JPG (63112 bytes)

c1906 9 panel Advertising Fold Out 

Hickey's Department Store, Detroit MI

HighJumper.JPG (674867 bytes)
baseball.jpg (679884 bytes) Basketbakk.JPG (666099 bytes)

bb.jpg (658939 bytes)

AllAroundYMCA.JPG (649513 bytes)



Oldest known New York Celtics 

Basketball program

November 27th 1921


page1.jpg (617845 bytes) page2&3.jpg (662147 bytes)
page4&5.jpg (643386 bytes) CelticsProgram.JPG (768379 bytes) page6&7.jpg (664232 bytes)
page8.jpg (735073 bytes) BackScoreCard.JPG (757920 bytes)


Hank Reizes

Next up was the booth of Hank Reizes of Meza Arizona. Hank had an interesting c1906 nine panel advertising fold out  premium with illustrations of athletes from the Detroit area. It was put out by Hickey's Department Store in Detroit Michigan, and represents a remarkably ambitious regional marketing tool. It was illustrated by Roy Gamble, and Harry Howard, 40" wide by 7 1/2" tall unfolded, $3,500.00. This would be quite a find for a Detroit region collector. Next was another jewel, the oldest known New York Celtics program from November 27th 1921, 9 3/8" tall by 7" wide, $6,500.00.


Booth of

1915 Red Sox Pennant, The star piece of 

the show that everyone was talking about

OttisReddingPoster.JPG (628583 bytes)

Otis Redding 

Concert Poster

ElvisPoster.JPG (632260 bytes)

Very Early Elvis 

Concert Poster

OttisReddingPrice.JPG (834888 bytes) RedSox1915PenFar.JPG (621247 bytes) MantleWeLoveYouPenn.JPG (615383 bytes)
case.jpg (625010 bytes) SpankyPhoto.JPG (809845 bytes) SpankyContract.JPG (757195 bytes)

Next up was a dealer with one of the greatest URL's on the planet, Gotta had the star piece of the show, a 1915 Red Sox Pennant. They were talking about this pennant for two weeks on Net54. Ruth played for the Red Sox in 1915. It was his first full  year in the Majors. It would have to be one of the greatest, most important pennants extant, $7,500.00. 


Gotta also had many items on display that were in there then up-coming auction. They had an off the chart, Elvis concert poster dating from the infancy of his career. It wasn't dated but stated - Direct from the Jackie Gleason "Stage Show". Didn't say what city the concert was in , just "Municipal Auditorium". They also had a great Otis Redding concert poster estimate $6,000.00-$10,000.00. Next auction item was a contract between Spanky McFarland of Our Gang, and Hal Roach, with a large photo of Spanky. Last mention was a pennant dated June 8th 1969, that said "Mickey we love you"


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Ron Vitro - E&R Galleries

Next up was the booth of Ron Vitro of E&R Galleries from New Rochelle NY. Ron is a long time regular at the National. CampionsClock.JPG (666503 bytes) He had an unusual c1930's multi sport cast metal clock, 10 1/2" tall by 13" wide, $1,395.00. I count a total of possibly eight sports represented, Boxing being  most prominently featured, plus Baseball, Football, Tennis, Golf, Rowing, Horseracing, and possibly basketball. There is a girl sitting with her legs sticking out on the bottom right...not sure what sport she represents, but she seems to have on an early basketball  uniform, and above her is what appears to be a ball, possibly going into a hoop. Since Louis is the only positively recognizable athlete, it's possible the clocks maker was only authorized to use Louis' likeness, and the others intentionally hint at being Ruth, Grange, and other sports stars of the day. I wouldn't call it a work of beauty, but it's interesting from the perspective that it's most likely American, and an ambitious celebration of sport, and rare. It's possible I may have seen another at some point, but I can't recall I have, so it's definitely very rare. It's in the genera of the more well known Babe Ruth, and Joe Louis clocks


BabeRuthClock.jpg (50812 bytes) JoeLouisClock.JPG (653838 bytes) CampionsClock.JPG (666503 bytes)


Both  those had a shiny brass finish, whereas this a lighter gold and completely different. The gold finish was in excellent condition. Which indicates it original and well cared for or had been repainted. I would lean towards original and well cared for. 


Next Ron had a cast iron figural baseball batter fireplace andiron. It was painted gray and had small rust spots, 19 1/2" tall, $1,500.00. Ideally these should come as a pair. Hunt Auctions had a premium condition pair there at the National for $5,500.00


AU Sports Memorabilia

Next up was the booth of AU Sports Memorabilia from Skokie Illinois. AU had a c1900 photo of a football player standing in an unusual pose with both fists on hips, decked in full regalia of a beehive helmet, nose guard dangling on chest, reeded pants, reeded shin guards, and an unidentified "S" on his chest. Could have been Stanford or Swarthmore, but seller didn't know, 11" tall by 9" wide framed, $150.00. Next AU had a 1964 Cleveland Indians sketch book, 17" wide by 11" tall, $40.00. Next AU had 1965 Baltimore Orioles Year Book that featured Brooks Robinson, who was the American League's MVP that year, $50.00.


David and Linda Bradley - Bradley Collectibles

Next up was the booth of David and Linda Bradley of Bradley Collectibles from Muscatine Iowa. The Bradley's had a c1970  baseball shoes box that featured Joe DiMaggio on the cover, $350.00. David and Linda also has a number of vintage baseball comics including one called "Baseball Heroes" that featured Ruth on the cover, $250.00. And another featuring Ralph Kiner for $95.00.


Andrew Caparelli - B&E Collectibles

GrangeFBBoxL.JPG (676833 bytes)
Cobb&GehrigPh.JPG (833166 bytes)
GrangeBoxFlatCR.jpg (273154 bytes)
GrangeBoxR.JPG (672369 bytes)

Left Red Grange football box, Top Signed photos Cobb and Gehrig  bottom middle and right Red Grange candy box


Andrew Caparelli - B&E Collectibles

Next up was the booth of Andrew Caparelli of B&E Collectibles from Thornwood New York. David had a Red Grange candy box 7 1/8" wide by 9 1/4" deep by 2 3/4" tall, $4,500.00. Next was a Red Grange football box, 13 1/4" tall by 6 1/4" deep by 3" tall, $1,200.00. Next were two exceptional signed photos. One was of of Ty Cobb, with a great personalized signature -To Warren Stulb "With Kindest Regards" Ty Cobb June -1-  31, $3,500.00. The other photo was of Lou Gerhig wearing a cowboy hat with coat and bow tie, also personalized, $4,700.00. 


B.P. Sports Collectibles

Next up was the booth of B.P. Sports Collectibles from Marietta Georgia. First up was a cool table lamp made from a loving cup baseball trophy. It was engraved "Lt Col. Gray Trophy - Leeds County Baseball Trophy". The two small engraved plates on the base and sub base gave away that it was English. That Plus the "Lt Col. Gray". Plus it's whole look just screamed  "English", 28" tall, $250.00. Next was a c1930's cast metal figural clock featuring a bust of Joe Louis in fighting stance, 12 1/4" tall, $495.00.


Booth of Darrell O'Mary - Sports Paradise

ReevesAthCorner.JPG (689740 bytes)


ReevesFront.JPG (607018 bytes)

ReevesBatters.JPG (648397 bytes)

Batter Figures

Above - c1931 Will Reeves Memorial Trophy, 25 inch tall
1880bb.jpg (691573 bytes)

1880BBEngr.JPG (646821 bytes)

yorkbbtr.jpg (617742 bytes)

ChrisMathTr.JPG (630650 bytes) ChrisMathEngr.JPG (650262 bytes) WaltCampPainting.JPG (688456 bytes)
Pitts09Post.JPG (664556 bytes) GolferPipeHolder.JPG (670586 bytes) TennisGalBE.JPG (822515 bytes)


Darrell O'Mary - Sports Paradise

Next up was the booth of Darrell O'Mary of Sports Paradise from Marietta Georgia. First up in Darrell's booth was a c1880 un-awarded silver plate baseball trophy with a scene of a game in progress engraved on the front, 12 3/4" tall, $1,500.00. Next was one of the most impressive trophies I've seen, a 25" tall mammoth sized baseball trophy called the "Will Reeves Memorial Trophy - Director of Recreation 1926 1931 - City of Cincinnati", $3,800.00 Next was a trophy engraved "Presented to Christy Mathewson as a token of respect - 1908 N.Y. B.B. Club" 8 7/8" tall by 10 1/2" wide handle to handle, $25,000.00. 


Next was a remarkable large photo collage of the 1909 Pittsburgh Pirates. 24 portraits were imposed into a large illustrated baseball. At the top two corners were the words "World's Champions", at the two bottom corners was "Pittsburgh 1909" with a little pirate under Pittsburgh, 30" tall by 27" wide, $4,000.00


Next was a pipe holder figure of a fat golfer cast in white metal,  7 1/2" tall, $450.00. No maker indicated but it was marked Pat. Mar.31.1925. Next was a nicely framed c1970 oil painting of Walter Camp, 22" tall by 18 3/4" wide, $750.00. 



Dave Bushing - Mears

Next up was the booth of Dave Bushing of Mears, which stands for Memorabilia Evaluation and Research Services, from Milwaukee. See their website here. Dave had a boat load of leather helmets. I'm going to try to get all the prices and facts right on them, but there were so many, forgive me if I make any mistakes. 


First up was a Reach 8 spoke, $2,200.00. Next was another 8 spoke, no maker, $3,000.00. Next a canvass flat top, no maker, $2,800.00. LeatherEarsFlatTop.JPG (621232 bytes) Next was another canvass with no maker, this one with leather ears, $2,500.00. RainCapBlack.JPG (675065 bytes) Next, a black rain cap style by Brine, $2,800.00. Next was a Knute Rockne endorced helmet, but here's where I start getting fuzzy..darn if apparently I didn't tag the photo, can't tell which it is...suggest see the Mears Page to see if you can guess which one. ReachTrojan.JPG (648542 bytes) Next, a rare Reach Trojan style, $3,200.00. Next, another canvass flat top, No maker, $2,800.00. Next was a soft shell, no maker, $1,800.00. Next was a William Reed flat top, $2,500.00. Last was a Spalding ZH model that Dave said was the top of the line, $500.00



Glen and Lisa Mechanick - Mechanic's Historical Gallery

Next up was the booth of Glen and Lisa Mechanick of MHG, Mechanick's Historical Gallery, from Clifton New Jersey. Glen and Lisa had a ton of great stuff. They are regulars at the National, and I'm sure many will agree they are a major contributor to the quality of the show. First up was a c1889 Sporting Life score card, 8 11/16" wide by 7 1/16" tall open (inside shot), $500.00. Next, was a c1889 Sporting Life trade card (back), 7 1/16" tall by 4 1/4" wide, $400.00. Next was a Darktown Battery Bank trade card, 5 1/2" tall by 3 1/4" wide, forgot to get price. Next was a c1900 porcelain toothpick holder with crossed bats on one side and baseball players on the other, 2 3/16" tall by 2 1/4" wide, $600.00. Interesting because of the "S" under what appears to be a cats face between the ball players. Next was a cool "Slide" shoe polish tin, 3" diameter, $150.00. Next was three very cool tin ashtrays advertising Schuermans Cortenberg bier (beer) and Hard's Ale, all 3 7/8" by 3 7/8", $850.00. All three excellent condition, very 30's, very rare. Next up was a c1910 FootRest Hosiery box, 11 3/4" by 5 7/8" by 2", $150.00. 


Next was a small c1900 chromo litho die cut of a baseball player sliding into base while a pillbox capped baseman is making a catch, 5 5/8" wide by 4 1/2" tall, $495.00. I've seen this illustration on a writing tablet and a book cover, great art. TrollyDIeCut.JPG (596813 bytes) Next up was a very cool c1890 die cut of a horse driven trolley car which featured advertising illustrated over the coach as follows: "Base Ball Match this Afternoon - POLO GROUNDS - New York vs. Cleveland", 11 1/4" wide by 5 1/8" tall, (back) forgot to get price. Next were four c1900 paper candy bands, orange, purple, lavender, and green, 2" wide by 1/2" tall, $185.00 for all. Next was a c1900 piece of sheet music called "New York Giants March" featuring George Davis as Captain, 13 3/4" tall by 10 3/4" wide, $2,200.00. NationalGameSilk.JPG (801176 bytes)Next up was a c1870 silk titled "The National Game" featuring a period batter, 8 1/8" tall by 3 3/4" wide, $2,200.00. Next up was an outstanding 1867 advertising card for a Base Ball Tournament and Pic-Nic, for the Gray Eagle Base Ball Club on August 24th 1867, 4 3/4" wide by 3 3/8" tall, $800.00. It was printed by Harris Printer, 4th and Vine, Phila., so must have been in Pennsylvania.


Next up were three National League baseball currencies, all aprox. 7 1/4" wide by 3" tall (back). One was issued in 1887 by Hayes Brothers Jewelers in Austin Minnesota, $1,700.00. The next one was issued in 1888 by Lewis & Edwards Merchants Tailors in Emporia Kansas, $1,200.00. WimanTrophyIllus.JPG (612031 bytes) Last was one issued in 1887 by The Merchants in St. Louis Missouri, didn't get price. This last one was particularly interesting because it had an illustration of a trophy with a large figure of a batter. Below the trophy was the inscription "WIMAN TROPHY - SOLID SILVER - WON OCT. 1886. Sure would like to learn about that trophy.


Next up in the Mechanick booth were three baseball cigar box labels. The first was called "The Bat" c1888, and featured Cap Anson and Tim Keith, 10" wide by 6" tall, $4,500.00. The next one was c1880 called "Diamond King" 7 1/2" wide by 4 3/8" tall, $2,200.00. Glen said it was super rare, and the only one known. Last was one called "Home Strike" c1880 8" wide by 5 7/8" tall, $1,500.00.


Next was perhaps my favorite of everything in the booth, a very delicate c1880 tissue sheet which advertised Argosy Braces (seemed to be suspenders). The tissue had eight  illustrations printed on it of men performing manly endeavor. The illustrations were of rifle shooting, gymnastics, tennis, bicycling featuring a high wheel model, horseback riding, rowing, pedestrianism (apparently), and tug of war, all participants were wearing Argosy Braces (suspenders). Glen thought it may have been used as wrapping inside a box of the Argosy Braces, 14" wide by 17" tall, $225.00. Incredible condition for something so fragile and old. BallPeachesCan (4).JPG (624120 bytes)BallPeachesCan.JPG (633752 bytes)BallPeachesCan (5).JPG (644967 bytes)BallPeachesCan (3).JPG (651778 bytes)Last up was a tin can with a paper label that featured baseball graphics, for Diamond Ball Sliced Peaches, 4 5/8" tall by 4" wide, $150.00.


Terry Knouse - Tic & Tic

Next up was the booth Terry Knouse of Tic & Tic, from Wapwallopen Pennsylvania. Terry and his family are regulars at the National, and their high and wide quality always cut a wide swath. First up was a c1890 non sport poster issued by Newsboy Plug Tobacco. The advertising instructed patrons to return 10 tags for any the 17" x 24" pictures illustrated on the poster, 31" tall by 23 1/2" wide, $5,000.00. Next was a c1890 Victorian photo album titled "Olympia". Each page featured a photo window surrounded by Victorian style illustration of particular sports. PhAlBBCloseBot.JPG (625656 bytes) The sports included baseball and  lacrosse and curling, cricket and golf, deer hunting and sailing, football and track, tennis and bicyclingPhAlTrackClose.JPG (614192 bytes), horse jumping and pheasant hunting, fox hunting and archery, swimming and rowing, ice sailing and  sleighing and tobogganing, polo and horseracing, 11 3/4" tall by 9 1/8" wide, $750.00. The album was marked on the title page, Designed by W.H.S. Thompson, H. Bunnett & others -Made in Germany. I've heard of examples of this album that are fitted with a music box. 


Next was a illustrated print of a Vassar girl  basketball player, 20 3/4" wide by 15 12" tall, $700.00. Next was a small card with an illustration of two girl basketball players wearing orange and black uniforms, possibly Princeton, 6" tall by 4" wide, $250.00. It was marked copyright 1903 by Joseph TetlowBicycleCabs2SidebySide.JPG (636572 bytes)Last were two large cabinet photos of bicycle racers issued by Honest Long Cut Tobacco. One was of  A.A. Zimmerman, the other was of  John S. Johnson, both 9" tall by 6" wide, $2,700.00 each.


Jim Augustine - Augie's Locker Room

Next up was the booth Jim Augustine of Augie's Locker Room, from South Bend Indiana. Jim had a Four Horseman's liniment bottle in the original box, 6" tall, $250.00. Turned out Jim got it from Kregg Ruffner, who I bought one from at the 07' National, see on this page.



A few items that were on display for Heritage's then upcoming sports auction

booth (2).JPG (623488 bytes) Booth (6).JPG (804798 bytes)
booth.jpg (650699 bytes)

ChrisIvyVideo.JPG (652696 bytes)

left - Chris Ivy

Booth (4).JPG (612233 bytes)
Booth (5).JPG (738607 bytes) booth (3).JPG (707721 bytes)



Heritage Auction Galleries

Next up was the booth of Heritage Auction Galleries from Dallas Texas. Mainly I was  focused on items for sale there at the National. However Heritage had a Heisman Trophy on display for their then up coming auction. Heisman's are so far out there monetarily I usually don't get too excited. I like stuff the average bear could own if he wanted. Nevertheless, being an antique sports sculpture afficinado, I was very interested to examine a real Heisman in person. This particular one was never awarded and was displayed at Roman Bronze Works of New York City, the original foundry. Moreover it was advertised as the last Heisman cast from the original plaster maquette.


I asked the staffer manning the Heritage booth if he could take it out of the case for me, but he said no. fortunately Chris Ivey head of Heritage's sports division was nearby and gave the OK. Check it out for yourself below:


Heritage Galleries Dallas Texas



Straight2.JPG (656919 bytes) lback.jpg (622619 bytes)
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And that just about wraps up our coverage of the 2008 National. On a personal note, I played it close to the vest this year, but still picked up a few things. My top find would probably be a c1930 thick heavy plaster plaque featuring a relief bust of Knute Rockne with the Notre Dame insignia on the left and Rockne's record on the right of: WON 108 LOST 12 TIED 4, 16" wide by 12" tall, $350.00. Got it from Craig Ruffner. Next I picked up a cool pair of antique basketball shoes from Herbert Thomas the third, for I think it was $200.00. and last was the afore mentioned 47" tall Antique Bourbon football player figure for $300.00. 


Items picked up by Carlton Hendricks

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Early Basketball Shoes

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47" FB Player Advertising Statue

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And for our finale'.... 

As a featured bonus this year, we'll take a tour of David Perry's collection. I kind of  stumbled onto David's collection by accident. David had emailed me photos of his things over the years, but they didn't do justice. Then when I came to his house I was taken by surprise at the quality and quantity. After leaving I decided it was too good to not use and came all the way back the next night from Rosemont to shoot it. Click the link below the photos to see the whole collection. I hope you enjoyed the show, see you in Cleveland next year God willing! -Carlton



The Collection of 

David Perry

click here for 103 photos 

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- End of 2008 National Coverage -


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