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Four Page Written Account of 

The 28th Annual 2007 

National Sports Collectors Convention

Including Pre Con Venture to 

Philadelphia and Adamstown PA


Carlton Hendricks


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JackMcGuire.JPG (122118 bytes)

Jack McGuire of Mac's Sport Collectibles, San Francisco, and Bob Celani


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Darla Bernhardt - Lit'le Rascal's Relics

Next we look at the booth of Darla Bernhardt of Lit'le Rascal's Relics, from Cincinnati Ohio. Now this was a booth not to be missed. Everyone with good taste was buzzing around it! Darla said she was selling off some of her baseball things, and they were some of the best things at the show. We begin with a 19th century 36" trophy fullboth.jpg (662395 bytes)baseball bat that was awarded by the Harford's baseball club. The bat came with a pillbox cap with a metal H on the front. Darla wasn't sure but thought they could be from Harford County Maryland. She said she was told the bat could be c1876, bat and cap $18,000.00. Next was another trophy bat, this one dated 1877, and was for a game between the Shamrocks and the Hillrhines,full.jpg (491829 bytes) and it had the word "Porkopolis" under the team names, 37 1/4", $10,000.00. Next was a humongous piece of timber, a 39 3/4" c1870's baseball bat with three gold colored rings toward the top of the barrel. The letters "AC" no doubt for athletic club, was painted on at lower middle. Darla said it came from a gentleman in Philadelphia, $5,000.00. Next was a red and black striped cap that Darla said was a cricket hat. However I'm not so sure it wasn't baseball. Anyway, it was gorgeous, $300.00. 


Great post, I enjoyed reading about your trip 
-Jimmy Piccuito, Plymouth Massachusetts

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Next was what John Gennantonio calls a boater style baseball hat, with the letters LMAC on the front in Old English sewn on letters. I recognized it from some Harvard baseball team photos. I asked the price and Darla said $200.00. I thought about it for about 30 seconds and whipped out the money, no haggling. As far as I was concerned, it was the bargain of the show. It's more rare than a pillbox cap, and it was the first one I ever saw for sale. Next was a set of three puppets, looked French, two with boxing gloves, and the other the referee. They came with three little corner posts and rope, all puppets about 16" tall, $400.00. Last was two 22" tall Yankee baseball player dolls, one upright with bat $600.00, one laying down $400.00


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MunsingFBSign.jpg (421946 bytes) BothSpaldings.jpg (377578 bytes) Wings&CunnSigns.jpg (559173 bytes)

Booth of SCP Auctions


SCP Auctions

Next is the booth of SCP Auctions of Mission Viejo CA. First up was a striking red and black, Bull Durham advertising sign, printed on tin and with what appeared to be the original oak frame, 36 3/4" tall x 30 1/2" wide, $2,750.00. Next up were two of the fantastic figural "Spalding" trophies. One was a 15" tall Spalding baseball fielders trophy featuring an 11" tall figure of a player making a catch, $6,000.00. I believe this originated from Kanuit's booth. The other was an 11" tall Spalding first baseman's trophy, of a first baseman reaching low for a catch, with his foot on the base, $4,000.00. This was the same one that was in Hunt's booth I covered earlier. Next, fulll.jpg (228366 bytes) was the epitome of a 19th century baseball trophy. Silver plated and measuring 8 3/4" tall, it had three baseballs around the base, and three bats leaning vertical into the stem, which held up a goblet shaped cup. The cup was engraved with a very primitive but great batter and catcher wearing a facemask. The catchers mask indicated it was from after 1877 when Fred Thayer invented the catchers mask at Harvard. It was as classic as they come. There was only one had the kiss of Canada. Made in Toronto!, $2,500.00. Next was an unusual signed Babe Ruth photo, of the Babe in a gym boxing, framed 17" tall x 14" wide, $3,750.00. Next was a signed Jackie Robinson photo "To Clem best of luck always", $4,000.00. Next was an 8 by 10 photo of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig in their barnstorming Bustin Babes and Larrupin Lou's uniforms, $8,500.00. Next was two 1930's framed advertising signs. One was for Wings Cigarettes for $950.00. The other was exceptional, a large die cut sign for Cunningham Radio Tubes with an illustration of a ball carrier getting tackled, stadium bleachers in the distance, and a huge radio tube off to viewers right, and a huge football with advertising copy, $1,000.00. Never see it before, it was great! Next was a smallish die cut sign for Munsing Ware union suits, with a caricature of a young boy in long johns running with a football, Didn't get price, saw it in Kanuit's booth earlier. Next was a Pinch Hit tobacco advertising sign, about 14" tall x 12" wide, great looking sign, illustrated with a pouch of tobacco and big baseball flying in, and baseball players  with a dark blue background,  didn't get price I was running out of steam! I had seen it earlier in a booth for like $60.00 or so as I recall, but the condition was a little off. Last in SCP's booth was a signed Ruth photo, 10" wide x 8" tall, of the Babe showing a bat to a man in a suit, $6,500.00. 


Kregg Ruffner

Next was the booth of Kregg Ruffner of Indianapolis. Kregg is a prolific dealer/collector of Notre Dame football memorabilia. 4HorsemanFull.jpg (559903 bytes) The first mention was an incredible, never before seen bottle of "Four Horseman Liniment" in the original box!, 6" tall, $300.00. Next was a booklet titled "Football Notes" by Knute Rockne, with strong football graphics of a ball carrier being pursued by a tackler, both wearing quilted pants and the ball carrier wearing a football smock, 8 1/2" tall x 5 1/2" wide, $1,000.00. Never seen it before! TeamPhotoGippRed.jpg (398364 bytes)Next up, a November 23, 1920 banquet menu from a dinner given for the 1920 Notre Dame football team. Notre Dame's first All American George Gipp had to leave in the middle of the dinner because of a pneumonia and a strepthroat infection, and died, less than a month later on Dec. 14, 1920. Gipp was later played by Ronald Regan in the 1940 movie "Knute Rockne - All American". Gipp is pictured in the program in the team photo, middle row first from left (viewers left), 8 1/4" tall x 4 3/4" wide when closed, $1,500.00, sold it at the show. Next up, a 1930 University of Notre Dame Official Football Review, signed by of number of Notre Dame players, $700.00 sold it at the show. Next was a book "The Four Horseman of Notre Dame", signed by all of the Four Horseman, Don Miller, Elmer Hayden, Harry Stuhldreher, and Jim Crowley, plus other Notre Dame luminaries  9 1/4 tall x 6 1/4" wide, $4,000.00. 


Sal Dichiera - Amazing Adventures

Next was the booth of Sal Dichiera of Amazing Adventures, from San Francisco. Sal usually has good interesting things, and he's become a regular at the National. GolfPostSF.jpg (91664 bytes) First up in his repertoire was a great eye catching golf piece, a c1930ish cardstock poster advertising the "Fourth National Match Play Open Golf Tournament", which took place at the Lake Merced Golf and Country Club in San Francisco. The poster featured a large illustration of a dapper gentleman wearing plus fours, following thru with his swing, 22" tall x 14" wide, $2,500.00. Next was a California vs. Oregon basketball poster that appeared to be from the late 1920's. It had another large illustration, of a basketball player about to shoot a pass, wearing the period knee guards and high top shoes. The poster had folds, and Sal advised it had been a salesman's sample, $350.00. full.jpg (528330 bytes) Next was a huge  43 1/2" wide x 31" tall (incl. frame) boxing print . It was titled "The International Contest Between Heenan and Sayers At Farnborough - on the 17th of April 1860". It was English, but still very impressive, $10,000.00.


Collectible Classics Auctions

Next was the booth of Collectible Classics Auctions of Pittsburgh PA. FBPanoMileHigh.jpg (414204 bytes) First up was a panoramic photo, titled "Sagamore Football Team -1924", 26" wide x 9 3/8" tall, $75.00. It was so cool I had to buy it. Just a great looking bunch of youngsters, plus all their names are written under them. Check out the size of the melon ball at far left! I count 17 kids in full regalia. If you had every leather helmet in that photo and sold each one for $700.00, that would come to $11,900.00! In the viewers bottom left corner it's marked Mile High Photo Co., which hinted the photo may have come from Denver or some place in Colorado. I googled Mile High Photo and found reference to Mile High Photos taken in Denver, so it's likely from there. Next up was another inexpensive but good, c1925 football team photo with players having LHS on their jerseys, 19 1/2" x 19 1/2", $60.00.  OhioStadiumDedicationPh.jpg (552289 bytes)Next up was  a panoramic photo of Ohio Stadium with a football game in progress, 43" wide x 10" tall, $1,400.00. It was titled: 



Ohio State vs. Michigan, Score Ohio State 0, Michigan 19, Attendance 71,000

Oct 21 st 1922


Apparently AyersArmyLHalfPh$175.jpg (86898 bytes) the stadium wasn't quite finished because if you look up at the top you can see a crane.  Last up was a great, large framed photo of an Army football player. According to the attached notice the player was I.F. Ayers, and played left end in 1907, 18 1/2" tall x 13" wide, $175.00.


Tony Bussineau

Next we come to the booth of Tony Bussineau of Traverse City Michigan. Tony is one of the mainstays of the National, and always has a good assortment of quality material. Tony said he doesn't collect personally. That always makes the best dealer. bottles.jpg (592387 bytes) First up was three very interesting whiskey bottles with baseball themed labels from the late 19th-early 20th century. I photographed them as a group, all were in rough condition with their paper labels torn and some staining. The one on the left was a long neck type with a Pirates Club brand label, $100.00, Next, was the flask in the middle with the National League label,  7 7/8" tall, $200.00. Last of the three was another Pirates Whiskey, this one a flask with a different format label, 8" tall, $400.00. Great labels but rough, interesting though. Next up was a box for a Red Grange Football. They are usually in rough shape, but this one wasn't too bad, good graphics, 13 1/4" wide x 6 1/4" deep x 3" tall, $1,000.00. Next, a 1930's cast spelter figural clock of a seated baseball player, 6 1/2" tall, $1,000.00. full.jpg (519016 bytes) Next was a c1890 chromolithograph print of a football scene, had staining. This was originally an English print, but was acquired and published in New York City by the Knapp Lithographic concern, and an American flag was worked into the scene, 27 3/4" wide x 20" framed, $200.00. Next ups was a spelter cast Joe Louis clock, 12 1/4" tall, $800.00. Next was a Red Grange doll, 30" tall, $600.00. Next up was a Pennant Puzzle game made by O.K. Novelty Company, 4 1/8" tall x 3 7/8" wide, $500.00.


Cincinnati Red Stockings

Games Schedule Program

for 1869 and 1870 - $45,000.00

Offered by Tik Tik & Nik

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1869_70RStockingsFront.jpg (424616 bytes) 1869_70RStockingsBack.jpg (417678 bytes)
Front Back
insidel.jpg (390946 bytes) inside.jpg (410880 bytes) insider.jpg (432032 bytes)
Inside left Open Inside right


Terry and Nathan Knouse - Tik Tik & Nik

Next was a booth that is always an event all by it's self, that of Terry and Nathan Knouse of Tik Tik & Nik, form Wapwallopen PA. Mr&MrsInBooth.jpg (597029 bytes)First scud was an unheard of schedule program for the 1869 and 1870 seasons of the Cincinnati Red Stockings. The program was published by  the Geo. B. Ellard Baseball Emporium in Cincinnati, who billed themselves "Red Stockings Headquarters". The scores were printed for the 1869 season, but written in by hand for the 1870, 8 3/8" tall x 5 1/2" wide closed, See photos above, $45,000.00. Next up was an Oct. 25, 1879 application letter from the Cincinnati Stars to join the National League, 11" tall x 8 1/2" wide, $16,000.00. Terry said about 12-15 years ago, someone found either Albert Spalding's or George Reach's desk, and there were a bunch of applications in it, and he got five.


Oct. 25, 1879 Cincinnati Stars 

National League Application Letter

EmbossedStamp.jpg (341496 bytes) full.jpg (445088 bytes) closein.jpg (374058 bytes)
Embossed Stamp Letter Close in


Next up in the Tic Tic & Nic booth was a large 16" wide x 13 1/2" tall 1906 composite photo of the minor league players of the Eastern League, $2,000.00, close in. Next, a photo of Jesse Owens sitting with Helen Stephens, 6 5/8" wide x 4 3/4" tall, $100.00. Next was a great 1880's Sunday Boston Globe supplement that was an uncut sheet of die cut baseball players and a stadium, 10" wide x 7 1/2" tall, $500.00. Next was an uncut proof sheet of Goudy Indian Chewing Gum non-sport cards probably from the 1930's featuring famous Americans of history, 14" wide x 11" tall, $5,550.00. Last in the Tic Tic & Nic booth was two Victorian die cut scraps of kids holding sports balls of some kind, issued by McLaughlin Coffee, 5 7/8" tall, $350.00 each.


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CaseWCatchMasks.jpg (122456 bytes) booth.jpg (111107 bytes) CarlislePen.jpg (131081 bytes)

Booth of Herbert Thomas III, 

and Chris Galbreath

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Herbert Thomas III, and Chris Galbreath

Next we come to the great booth of Herbert Thomas the third and Chris Galbreath, both of Germantown Tennessee. For those of you who have seen the user name "garbagecoon" on eBay, that would be Herbert. First up in their booth was a Carlisle pennant, $500.00. Next, a 33" ring bat, no maker, $300.00. I got home and looked at the photo of it and wondered why I didn't buy it. I called Herbert, he still had it so I bought it. Next was WhiteFBDerby.jpg (80311 bytes) an unusual c1910 white colored, figural trophy of a life size football, 12" tall x 10" wide, $400.00. I was really taken with it. It was made by Derby Silver, which explained why it was so well done. 


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Blk&WhtBBHankerchef.jpg (376026 bytes) BBStevenGraph.jpg (526766 bytes) batter.jpg (521447 bytes)

Booth of MGH - Glen Mechanick

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Glen and Lisa Mechanick - MGH  Mechanick's Historical Gallery

Next we come to the booth of one of the National's top dealers for sports antiques, that of Glen and Lisa Mechanick of MGH, Mechanick's Historical Gallery from Clifton New Jersey. First up were two dynamite c1890's Child's Handkerchiefs. The first had a printed scene of youngsters playing baseball, 12 1/2" tall x 11 1/2" wide, $650.00. The other which was killer, featured a printed scene of more mature players in full uniforms and gear, $850.00. Next was a Stevengraph titled "The First Inning", which featured a baseball game in progress, 9 1/2" wide x 6 1/4" tall, $4,500.00. Next up was another Stevengraph titled "The Last Lap", this one featured five high wheel bicycles, 8 3/4" wide x 6" tall, $600.00. 


bowler.jpg (528303 bytes) fisher.jpg (562887 bytes) tennis.jpg (578539 bytes)


Next was one of the best things I saw at the show, a set of four c1900 advertising posters for the Shirley President Suspenders Company. All the posters featured young ladies participating in different sports. There was one for tennis , fishing , baseball , and bowling. According to the back of them there was also a Billiard Girl, and a Golfing Girl that Glen didn't have. Each was 13 1/2" tall x 8 1/2" wide, $12,000.00 for the set of four. Next was a leather hide shaped leather banner of sorts, featuring Handsome Dan, the Yale mascot standing on a football with the word YALE across it, 12" tall x 9 1/2" wide, $900.00. Next was a c1890 silver plate match safe with a relief rendering of men playing pool or billiards. The back advertised Ward Cigar Com., Minneapolis Billiards and Pool, 2 3/4" tall x 1 1/2" wide, $600.00. Next were two c1880 solver plate items that I photographed together. The first was a business card holder with a figure of a baseball player with a bat and ball at his feet, 3 7/8" tall, marked Wallace Silver Co., $1,200.00. The other item was a napkin ring with a figure of a boy with a bat under his arm and ball at his feet, 3 1/8" tall, $900.00. The last mention was a life size candy container shaped like a baseball, that had graphics of seams and the word PROFESSIONAL printed across it, made of thick paper/card stock, $200.00. There were a few more things I shot but didn't get details of. Like some photos of high wheel bicycles, and two die cut scraps of kids on high wheel bicycles. Also some Mcloughlin Brothers stand up baseball players mounted on wood.


I want to compliment you on the wonderful service you are providing to collectors; I can spend hours on your site. 
-Harry Shaffer  , Hillard Ohio

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And that about wraps up our coverage of the 2007 National. I admit I missed some things, not a lot but a few. I wished I'd have gotten more of Kirk Kovacs' booth. And one big blunder was I meant to cover Kevin Bronson's booth. Kevin had a great booth with great stuff. I intended to get back to it, but about 3/4 thru the show I started loosing it from overload. The pre Philly trip must have done me in. 


HarvPitchCups.JPG (116325 bytes)  

TrackPrintHungCr.jpg (198241 bytes)

4 ft. wide 1909 

Track Print

WaltJohnsTroph.JPG (119298 bytes)
Purchases made by Carlton Hendricks, 14" Harvard Pitcher and Mugs, 4 ft. Track Print, and 17 7/8" tall Baseball Trophy with Walter Johnson figure.


Two of my favorite things I picked up at the National was from Kevin. One was a c1909, 48" wide x 18 3/4" tall framed print of track runners, titled "The High Hurdles" by Hibberd VB Kline. It had the original frame with wavy glass. Kevin quoted me $300.00 and I couldn't get the money out fast enough. The other was the same c1900 14 tall water/beverage pitcher with two mugs, that Dave Hunt had. I himmed and hawed too long when Dave had it and Kevin bought it. I decided they were too cool and bought them from Kevin. 


One last thing, as a bonus this year, I'm including photos of John Gennantonio's collection. I drove to Cincinnati after I left Cleveland to see John, and I shot a bunch of it. See below for the page link. See you in Chicago for the 08' National God willing. -Carlton


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The Collection of 


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07NatTAll 954.JPG (677587 bytes) 07NatTAll 929.JPG (689948 bytes) 07NatTAll 939.JPG (681648 bytes)
BatRackSide2.JPG (664731 bytes) 07NatTAll 980.JPG (649615 bytes) BatRackSIde1.JPG (680199 bytes)

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of John Gennantonio's collection