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Four Page Written Account of 

The 28th Annual 2007 

National Sports Collectors Convention

Including Pre Con Venture to 

Philadelphia and Adamstown PA


Carlton Hendricks


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Kanuit, Griffith, Orban booth


Kanuit, Griffith, Orban continued



Next up were five baseball gloves  (inside shot) shot as a group. Top left, a Dizzy Dean model, $275.00. Top right, was an Al Rose Worthington model, $150.00. Bottom left, a Carl Hubbel model, $375.00. Bottom right, a Ken-Wel model, $145.00. Middle, a c1890's childs catchers, $195.00. Next was a D&M childs glove, $475.00. Last glove mention, there were two gloves I didn't get details of in all the commotion, that I'll include anyway, one red, one tan, both in very nice condition.

Catchers masks

Next up was three catchers masks, one childs @ $295.00, one childs @ $225.00, and one adult spider @ $495.00. 

Miscellaneous baseball equipment

Next, a very nice c1920 catchers chest protector, $425.00. Next was a pair of c1920 baseball catchers chin guards, having leather covered reeds . marked on the interior was: Werner Gros Millbrook NY, $1,250.00. 

end of equipment


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Kanuit, Griffith, Orban booth


Next up, a pair of black c1890 football shoes with round cleats, no maker, $375.00. Round cleats are usually seen on English football shoes. I think some American ones had them, though usually American ones have rectangular cleats. Next, a very nice 24" x 19" c1900 generic photo of a baseball player in a period oval frame, with GH on his jersey, looked like Eddie Plank, $550.00. NicholsonBBPrint.jpg (94812 bytes) Next up, a c1900, 10 3/8" x 10 3/8" color print of a baseball player posed as having just thrown a ball, wearing a pillbox cap, $195.00. John K. thought it was a contemporary print, but I told him I thought it was period by Sir William Nicholson 1872-1949, a popular English artist who did a set of various sports prints. I know I've seen the football one, but can't recall this baseball. A very nice piece, I probably should have gotten for that price. 


Thanks for the great writeup. I have never been to a National, and it was really great to see the kind of top notch stuff that shows up there. I will definitely have to make it to one someday. You can tell how much effort you put into your writeup, and it was a great read, Thanks. 
Keith Javic, Media Pennsylvania 

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Next was an unusual wire photo of a basketball player wearing a special mask to protect his eyeglasses, 11" x 7", $40.00. Next, a 23" tall x 23 3/4" wide c1890 cloth pillow cover featuring a printed illustration of football game in progress, the ball carrier being hotly pursued. I have one of these in my collection, and artistically I consider it one of my favorite pieces. It's an interesting work in that two players are wearing helmets. Football head gear was introduced in the early 1890's, and it was during the 90's some wore head gear, others didn't. I have seen two other variations of this pillow cover, one with a blue background and one with a green. 


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Kanuit, Griffith, Orban booth


Next, a Marin Dell Dairy advertising sign printed on heavy card  stock, $325.00, another piece I had once. Next, a c1916, 20" wide x 17" tall Yale football team photo in it's original frame, by the well known Pach Brothers firm, $375.00. Next, a c1893 football team photo, players with "C" on their chest, $295.00. FBCarnivalPost.jpg (95458 bytes) Next up, an art deco style c1930 poster advertising a Football Carnival for the Pacific Coast Championship Events, held at the College of the Pacific in Stockton Calif., 23" tall x 15" wide, $425.00. COP (now UOP University of the Pacific) was where Amos Alonzo Stagg coached after leaving the University of Chicago, but he probably had not yet arrived when this event took place in the 1930's. Next, a "Red Grange" tobacco pipe in the shape of a football, 6" long, $450.00. Only one I recall ever seeing! Next a great looking baseball jersey with "BA" in Old English lettering, lace up front with fold over collar, $450.00. John K. said it was a movie prop, but didn't know the movie. Sheerwater_Pottery_FB.jpg (511620 bytes) Next, an exceptional pair of white porcelain football players, a runner and passer, produced by Shearwater Pottery in Ocean Springs Mississippi. The passer was 7 1/8" tall, the ball carrier was 6 1/8" tall, $275.00 each. The

Shearwater company was founded in 1928. I had never seen these before, and was completely unfamiliar with them. All I knew was they were very well done. As a guesstimate, I'd say they were from about the late 1930's. The more I learn about them the more I like them. FBCandyCont$550.jpg (383126 bytes) Next was a piece I was very taken with but didn't get. A football shaped candy container made of thick paper/formed cardstock, probably German, 8 3/4" long x 5 3/4" tall, $550.00. It was the best I'd seen and had the desirable melon ball shape, but John Buonaguidi said he'd had a better one. I ended up finding it's little 5" brother at an antique folk art show latter on for $100.00 I think it was. Not as nice, but a good consolation prize. 


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07NatTAll 182.JPG (689321 bytes) 07NatTAll 181.JPG (619532 bytes) 07NatTAll 180.JPG (639944 bytes)

Kanuit, Griffith, Orban booth


Next was a striking c1930's 7 7/8" tall, silver flask with golf motif, and four matching cups, $495.00. Next was five outstanding football helmets, photographed together in this photo, they were priced at: Top left - $4,500.00, Top middle - $2,750.00, Top right - $5,550.00, Bottom left - $950.00, Bottom right - $2,200.00. Next, an oil painting of Knute Rockne, didn't get details. D&MPunchBag.jpg (551823 bytes) Next, a very neat D&M striking bag in the original box, being 15 1/4" long x 4 3/4" deep x 3 1/2" tall, $950.00. Interestingly, I picked up another striking bag at last years National in Anaheim from Gary Schultz for $200.00, little latter vintage. Well we made it, a little blurry eyed, but all the way thru Kanuit County. Last feature, a large 41" tall x 33 3/4" wide oil painting of professional wrestler Jim Londos, 1807-1975, also called the Golden Greek. Londos was one of the most popular wrestlers during the depression. End of Kanuit, Griffith, Orban booth.


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Gloves&MasksBoard.jpg (547356 bytes)

Vintage baseball gloves and 

catchers masks

bbclock.jpg (97042 bytes)

Mr&MrsInBooth.jpg (559943 bytes)

Mr. and Mrs. Pat


Booth of veteran National dealer 

Pat Armstrong of Hawkeye 

Baseball Cards, Burlington Indiana


Pat Armstrong of Hawkeye Baseball   Cards 

Pat Armstrong of Hawkeye Baseball Cards from Burlington Indiana had a c1930 spelter cast figural clock of a seated baseball player, 6 3/4" tall, $2,495.00. 

Ron Vitro of E&R Galleries 

Ron Vitro of E&R Galleries from New Rochelle New York OurBBClub.jpg (687183 bytes) had a great 1884 copy of Our Base Ball Club by Noah Brooks, considered the first baseball fiction book, had one of the nicest engraved front covers of any antique baseball book, and with a forward by Albert Spalding, 9" tall x 7" wide, $600.00.


Steve Werley of Steve's Cards & More

Next up, Steve Werley of Steve's Cards & More from Orefield PA had a framed c1960 Kodak film advertising poster featuring  Mickey Mantle endorsing with a great shot of him. I have an example of the sign in my collection. I heard once, the little kid in the snapshot is Mantle's son, 29" wide x 17 1/4" tall, $2,500.00. Next up,


Bob Pressley of BP Sports Collectibles

Bob Pressley of BP Sports Collectibles of Marietta, GA. JLouisAshtray.jpg (503647 bytes)had a c1935 galvano cast ashtray with a 9 1/2" tall statue of Joe Louis, $420.00. Next, 


Jay Dyer  

Jay Dyer from Palm Coast Florida had an 1889 cabinet photo of Ed Crane of the New York Giants,  6 3/8" tall x 4 3/8"wide, $5,500.00. Next Jay had a c1910 scorecard fan featuring photographs of a pretty young lady in the center, with 16 big name baseball players across the top, 14 1/2" tall, $2,500.00. Next in Jay's booth was an unusual 1902 photo of the Pittsburgh Pirates in street clothes, all sitting on a huge perilous looking rock formation. Jay said it was taken on a spring training trip to Lookout Mountain Tennessee. 


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table.jpg (642421 bytes) booth.jpg (647457 bytes) booth2.jpg (640223 bytes)

Booth of Ron and Lynne Cunningham of Quality Pennants & Collectibles


Ron and Lynne Cunningham  

Ron and Lynne Cunningham of QPC Company, Quality Pennants & Collectibles from Duncanville Texas was pretty much the biggest dealer in vintage pennants at the National. Their booth was quite a site, there were pennants displayed wall to wall. fbpillow.jpg (528226 bytes)They also had a c1900, 19" x 19" Victorian printed pillow featuring a football player. I've seen this framed before and their example looked much better as a pillow for some reason, $1,500.00. Next Ron and Lynne BasketPennant.jpg (555871 bytes)had a very nice 36" pennant with a large sewn on basketball laced with white laces, and the letters MHS in old English letters. You 

don't see basketball ones like that often, priced right at $150. 


A-1 Sports Memorabilia

Next, A-1 Sports Memorabilia of Worcester Massachusetts BullDurhamPost.JPG (602562 bytes)had a very rare c1930's die cut advertising sign which advertised games of the Durham Bulls and savings bonds. That would be the same Durham Bulls minor league team from Durham North Carolina that was featured in the Kevin Costner movie Bull Durham. It was in pretty good shape, one corner was dog eared off about an inch, 13 3/4" tall x 11" wide excluding frame, $500.00. I probably should have bought that one, super rare! 


John Ross

Long time National dealer John Ross of Harrisburg PA had a 27 1/2" tall x 23 1/5" wide framed photo collage of the Prince Albert Mintos hockey team, commemorating them as the 1926 Northern Sask. Champions (Saskatchewan Canada), included photos of nine players, three brass, and a shot of the trophy in the center, $650.00. Next, John had a c1930's, 30 3/4" wide x 20 3/4" tall, framed advertising sign for Old Gold cigarettes, featuring a baseball scene of a runner sliding into home, may have been trimmed to partial original size, $1,500.00. Next John had an unusual item that may have been a page from a large clothing trade catalog. It promoted the Chicago Whales, also called the Chi-Feds. It  appeared to have been printed on heavy cardstock, 22" tall x 16" wide, $1,750.00. Next up, a Hiawatha Football in the box, $350.00. Next up, a c1900 cast metal figure of crossed bats and five baseballs all attached to a leather strap, John said it was used as a saddle ornament. Very unusual, 10 1/4" tall x 5" wide (including strap), $350.00. Last mention in John's booth was a large framed vintage photo of Joe Louis in a suit with facsimile autograph, unusual vintage fame, purportedly came from Joe Louis' training camp, 17" tall x 12 1/2" wide, $500.00. 


Bob Wetzel

Next was the booth of Bob Wetzel of Mapleshade New Jersey. Fist up was a 8 1/4" diameter round aluminum plaque of Connie Mack, $349.99. Next, BoyishBabeCigBx.jpg (95216 bytes) a Boyish Babe Cigar box, 5 1/8" tall x 7 1/2" wide x 3 5/8" deep, $10,000.00. Next up, an Honest Long Cut tobacco box. made non sport cards, 11 1/2" tall x 8 3/4" wide x 5 1/2" deep, $1,249.00. Next, a gigantic 1987 St. Louis Cardinals National League Champions nylon pennant, aprox 8 foot tall x 22 foot wide, forgot to get price, said had 20, 4 left. Next up was a set of eight 19 1/2" tall x 13 1/2" wide Portraits and Profiles posters put out by Barnell Loft, of Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Lou Gehrig, Jackie Robinson, Ted , Babe Ruth, and Stan Musial, $7.000.00, would not sell separately. Last Bob had a 1941 baseball tie pin by Stylerite, $500.00. Last was a box of 1949 Big League baseball card games, $75 each


John Liffmann

John Liffmann from Hull Massachusetts had a signed  photo of Jack Johnson in an unusual pose with both arms outstretched, 9" tall x 7 1/8" tall, $6,750.00. 


I really enjoyed your 2007 National write-up. 
-Alan Trost, Washington D.C.

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Lelands came with a huge 72" tall x 22" wide die cut advertising sign of Ralph Kiner for Sealtest Ice Cream, $2,000.00. Next was a clock that had belonged to Joe McCarthy, 4" wide x 3 1/2" tall, $900.00.


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Jefferies.jpg (110385 bytes) Bill&Belinda.jpg (108387 bytes) SullivanBottle.jpg (94709 bytes)

Antique Boxing items of Bill Pollock

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Bill Pollock

Next was a very interesting gentleman named Bill Pollock from Central Florida who specialized in antique boxing items. Bill wasn't set up, but I saw him making a deal so struck up a conversation with him. He took me over to a booth of a friend where he had his stuff stashed and showed me a few great boxing things. I was taken back by the sheet music. He had a boat load of ones I had never seen before. Take a look at the link above for the whole show.


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NotreDBanner.jpg (106084 bytes) SignedRockneWTeam.jpg (515965 bytes) full.jpg (115418 bytes)

Booth of Russ Purdy


Russ Purdy

Next was the booth of Russ Purdy of Lexington Kentucky. Russ had an excellent booth with a ton of great football things. First up was a Harvard baseball stein, 5 1/2" tall, $500.00. Hunt had a set of three of these with the water pitcher that I got.  Next was a classic signed photo of Knute Rockne 1888-1931 "To my friend Tommy Walker from Knute Rockne", 9 3/8" tall x 7 3/8" wide, $3,900.00. Next was probably the greatest signed Notre Dame football photo I ever expect to see, It was signed by the whole 1924 team including Rockne, 7" wide x 5" tall, $17,500.00. Next up was an index card signed by the Four Horseman, titled at the top:

The Greatest Football Backfield of All-Time

The Four Horseman of Notre Dame

signed by:

Don Miller

Elmer Hayden

Harry Stuhldreher

Jim Crowley

A very rare and important grouping of autographs, $3,750.00. Next in Russ' arsenal  was a 34 1/2" tall x 23" wide blue and gold felt banner commemorating Notre Dame's 1929 and 1930 championship football teams. The banner had sewn on footballs for each team, which had facsimile signatures of all players. Also there was a sewn on piece of fabric with the teams played and scores for 

each year printed on it, $4,750.00. Next was a 13 1/8" wide x 8 1/4" tall photo of the 1935 Rose Bowl Football Game between Stanford University and University of Alabama in which Alabama won 29-13. Also included was a newspaper clipping of the same photo, $800.00. Next, a 1916 Indiana University yearbook called the Arbutus, featuring numerous photos of Jim Thorpe, who was the Backfield coach that year. The photos of Thorpe were classic. In the group photo of all the coaches he looked like something out of the 1940's Dead End Kids movies, his cap perched  with attitude. One page recounts Thorp's reply to a student impressed with his kicking: "One evening he dropped kicked from the 60 yard line and when asked about it  later retorted that he was just foolin' around and never dropped-kicked any"

click here to see all Thorpe photo in the Arbutus 

Next in Russ' booth was an unusual photo of Lou Gehrig overlooking baseball bats with batting averages of various players printed on them. Apparently it may have been used as some sort of an illustration for a newspaper's sports pages, 10 3/8" wide x 7 3/4" tall, $700.00. 

click for detailed photos of Baseball Batter andiron

Last in the Purdy line up was a terrific cast metal figural andiron of a baseball player, marked P.S. & W. Co., 20" tall, $1,000.00. 




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