with Carlton Hendricks on

Vintage Athletic Display




June 2005



Lived and breathed the hobby last 18 years. 

Have written for Sports Collectors Digest 

Magazine, Vintage and Classic Baseball 

Collector Magazine,  Antique Trader Magazine, 

and Gridiron Greats Magazine. And have supplied 

artifacts to the Library of Congress 


Hot button: Antique sports sculpture


Favorite piece in my collection: Spalding Football Goods sign


Favorite show: The National


Thoughts on the hobby: It's still in it's infancy.


Most memorable hobby moment: 

15 years ago, clinging to the back of an Amtrak train 

that started to leave without 

me while on the way to a show...finally 

stopped and let me on.


Philosophy on where to find stuff: There's no 

set place, you find it where you find it. Turn over 

every rock. Watch all the auctions, read 

all the journals..go to every kind of antique 

event..from the junkiest flea markets 

to the toniest antiques shows...and 

everything in between. Be active!